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10 New Mutant Stories Everyone Should Read


The New Mutants have never reached the level of their older counterparts x-menthe widespread notoriety and cultural impact of . However, New Mutants is a Marvel title that has retained a loyal following for forty years, and x-men scholars often tout their stories as a high point in comic book history as well as some of the best X-comics available.

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With a long history dating back to the introductory graphic novel by Chris Claremont and Bob Macleod, published in 1982, newcomers to the New Mutants may not know where to start. Thankfully, the series produced several salient issues that longtime fans can point out to new readers.

ten Steal This Planet Presents Lila Cheney

New Mutants didn’t just create a younger cast of mutants to add teenage drama to X titles. He introduced a slew of characters who would go on to become mainstays of all X titles, including teleported mutant rock star Lila Cheney .

In New Mutants Annual #1:Steal this planet!– written by Chris Claremont, drawn by Bob Mcleod, inked by Tom Palmer – the Mutants stumble upon Lila’s plan to steal Earth and auction it off. Her mad plan is interrupted by an alien faction and she loses control of the Stargate. Steal this planet! is a pleasure Inspired by Star Wars space adventure and a great standalone issue for new readers.

9 Sleepover is all about relaxation

Some of the best stories of the many x-men the series focuses on mutants hanging out with each other and socializing, with few major threats to worry about. New Mutants #21 – written by Chris Claremont, drawn and inked by Bill Sienkiewicz – “Slumber Party” is both a fun number and an introduction to New Mutants mainstay Warlock.

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Defying Professor X’s propensity for secrets, the New Mutants women decide to invite some local girls over for a sleepover. However, when the injured and confused alien Warlock crash-lands near the mansion, the New Mutants must deal with its chaotic presence while keeping it hidden from unsuspecting non-mutant partygoers in a superhero comedy of errors.

8 The demon bear saga is essential

The “Demon Bear Saga” is such an influential artistic achievement by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz that it tends to overshadow the rest of the original. New Mutants Course. While new readers shouldn’t stop reading once they’ve finished this tale, it’s absolutely an essential story for new readers and comic book fans in general.

Beginning with Volume 1, Issue 18, the saga follows Dani Moonstar’s quest for revenge against the Demon Bear, the mysterious entity that killed her parents. She finds the creature, but it is far more powerful than she ever imagined, and the New Mutants are swept away into the creature’s nightmarish, hallucinatory realm. This story was a turning point for the title, firmly establishing its identity as a coming-of-age comic with dark overtones.

seven Number 26 Presentation of the Legion

David Haller, AKA Legion, is the powerful and mentally ill son of Professor X. He is an incredibly powerful mutant, but also dangerous, as some of his characters are malevolent and he is filled with rage because his father abandoned him .

In New Mutants #26, “Legion” – written by Chris Claremont, drawn and inked by Bill Sienkiewicz – Xavier takes the Mutants to Scotland when he learns that a comatose David’s powers are spiraling out of control. The story becomes a judgment call for Xavier, who fathered and abandoned a child, and for Wolfsbane, whose abusive upbringing at the hands of a religious fanatic also began in Scotland.

6 The annual issue 2 brought Psylocke to America

Prior to New Mutants Annual #2, Betsy Braddock – AKA Psylocke – was a Marvel UK character Captain Brittany series and is not officially part of the 616 universe. Annual #2 officially introduced the Braddocks to Marvel’s American books, paving the way for x-menis the excellent “Australian era” and the beloved Excalibur books.

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Annual #2, written by Chris Claremont and drawn and inked by Alan Davis, is a fun and weird story. The New Mutants are abducted by Mojo and taken to his new show, “Wildways”. It’s the kind of trippy adventure that any issue involving Mojo tends to become, but it also features plenty of great New Mutants character moments, especially Cypher.

5 Magneto became the school principal

“The Trial of Magneto” was a landmark story in x-men it ended with Xavier going to space and putting Magneto in charge of his school. In New Mutants number 35 – written by Chris Claremont, drawn by Mary Wilshire and inked by Bill Sienkiewicz – the teenagers are suspicious of the new director, and his attempts to get them to participate in the Danger Room drills fail.

However, when Dani is almost sexually assaulted by a trio of men, Magneto springs into action. He keeps Dani safe, then tracks down the attackers and unleashes his powers on them until they surrender to the police. This story illustrated the effectiveness of Magneto’s caring approach, and the way it protects its students is a lesson that real-world institutions should learn.

4 The New Mutants Died in Issue #37

Secret Wars II is a notorious crossover event where the omnipotent Beyonder wanders loosely around the Earth. However, the crossing resulted in the excellent New Mutants issue 37 – written by Chris Claremont, drawn by Mary Wilshire, and inked by Bill Sienkiewicz – where the Beyonder killed the entire team.

Dani Moonstar foresees the death of the New Mutants, and there’s nothing she can do about it. She is the last to fall after her friends are all killed and erased from existence. The Beyonder resurrected the New Mutants in an issue of Secret Warsbut the spinoff spanned several issues, resulting in some of Claremont’s best character writing.

3 Issue 64 saw an alien wrestle death

Although it was presented as a x-men title for young readers, New Mutants turned into an incredibly dark comic with sinister themes. Few issues were more unsettling than issue #64, written by Louise Simonson, drawn by Bret Blevins and inked by Terry Austin.

This story takes place the day before Doug Ramsey’s funeral. Warlock doesn’t fully understand what Doug’s death really means. In an attempt to bring his best friend back to life, Warlock steals Doug’s body and the puppeteer in a gruesome resurrection attempt. It’s as heartbreaking as it is horrible.

2 Two issues followed fan favorites

Find unique problems from the latest set of New Mutants recommending may prove difficult for fans, as story arcs in modern comics are spread across so many issues that none of those individual issues are truly readable on their own. However, at the beginning of the Krakoa era new mutants, Ed Brisson wrote two issues that ran separately from the main story with pencils and inks by Flaviano Armentaro.

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Numbers 3 and 6 of New Mutants flight. The following 4 characters not usually associated with New Mutants: Armor, Boom-Boom, and Beak. Armor, along with Glob Herman, Maxine, and Manon, go to Beak’s cabin to find out why he didn’t move to Krakoa like most other mutants. The story has some refreshing stakes, though a fight does occur between the New Mutants and a biker gang.

1 Number 45 is tragic but full of hope

As written by Chris Claremont, penciled by Jackson Guice and inked by Kyle Baker, number 45 of New Mutants starts out like any light teen drama. The New Mutants and Kitty Pryde attend a mixing board at a nearby school, and Kitty meets and befriends Larry Bodine. Unfortunately, he ruins his newfound friendship with the New Mutants before it begins by telling anti-mutant jokes.

The New Mutants reject him, but unbeknownst to them, Larry is actually a mutant and was trying to fit in with what he thought were normal teenagers. Larry commits suicide, leaving Kitty and her friends feeling guilty. The New Mutants grapple with tragedy, each in their own way, and the issue culminates with Kitty giving one of the best speeches of them all. x-men history at Larry’s memorial service.

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