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10 spooky indie comics to read for Halloween


As the leaves begin to change color and the days get colder, it is undeniable that fall has begun, and with it comes the scariest time of year; Halloween! This is the time when everything seems a little scarier and the urge to watch horror movies and tell ghost stories pervades us all.

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And with those urges comes the need to read some really scary comics too. Of course, Marvel has a lot of scary stories for readers, and DC is full of scary stories, but sometimes a reader has to go beyond the usual and find out what lurks in the darker corners of the comics. . This is when indie titles come out of the shadows and send chills down the spines of every fan.

ten Locke & Key will enter your head

Locke and Key Welcome to Lovecraft

While you could watch Lock & Key on Netflix, the series is not a direct translation of the comic book by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez in live-action. The comics, in addition to giving the reader a full series, have the space to better delve into the mythology of Key House and the magic that surrounds it. With Lock & Key, Hill and Rodríguez have created a modern horror story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, turning each page slowly, afraid of what they see next.

9 Did you hear what Eddie Gein did? Will make your skin crawl

Eric Powell Did you hear what Ed Gein did?

Ed Gein has served as the inspiration for a number of horror stories, that of Alfred Hitchcock psychopath at Tobe Hooper Chainsaw Massacre and beyond. And while many people know the basics of Ed Gein’s story, Eric Powell and Harold Schechter delve deep into the true story of one of America’s scariest citizens with their new graphic novel on The Real. crime. Did you hear what Eddie Gein did?.

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Powell’s art not only captures the cold desolation of Wisconsin from the early 1900s to the late 1950s, but it also brings the horrors of House Gein to life in ways rarely seen. This story is not for the faint of heart.

8 30 days of night will bite into your soul

30 days of night

While it started out as a three-issue miniseries by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, 30 days of night bit the minds of readers and spawned twelve follow-up series, a crossover with the X-Files, and a movie.

The original series is set in Barrow, Alaska, a town so far north that during the winter it spends 30 days without sun. Indeed, the idea of ​​a city plunged into darkness for an entire month attracts the attention of a group of vampires, who come to Barrow to feast. Niles and Templesmith’s 30 days of night tells one of the most original vampire stories in ages.

7 Baby teeth will make you afraid of babies

At Donny Cates and Garry Brown Baby teeth, Sadie Ritter, 16, was already afraid of having a baby, but things got a lot scarier when she learned that her child is the antichrist and that he is destined to open the gates of hell , unleashing the greatest horrors humanity has ever seen. Only Sadie and her family can prevent the end of the world, but the costs can be too high for a young mother. Baby teeth, which just ended with its 20th issue, is both gruesome and loving, like any good family.

6 The black hole is every teenager’s nightmare

As if being a teenager weren’t scary enough, Charles Burns brings a new level of fear to growing in his foundational work, Black hole. Set in a Seattle suburb in the mid-1970s, the twelve-issue series focuses on a group of teenagers with the ‘bug’, a sexually transmitted disease that physically mutates those who contract it, turning them into monstrous outcasts. .

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Told through the eyes of popular college student Chris and stoner smoker Keith, Black hole follows the lives of teens infected with the disease as they settle into the woods and create their own society away from the judgmental gaze of others until a deadly night changes everything.

5 From Hell plunges into the darkness of the world’s first serial killer

From Hell cover detail by Eddie Campbell

Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell From hell, recently reissued in color, takes a look at one of the most well-known plots linked to Jack the Ripper, the first serial killer in history. Using the facts of the Whitechapel murders in the late 1800s and mixing them with theories about the involvement of the Royal Family of England and the Freemasons, Moore and Campbell tell an intense and addictive story about the humanity, the horrors of the 20th century and how everything is connected either by coincidence or by invisible hands that shape reality.

4 Hellboy is scary good

Hellboy, Cabin, And strange men

For almost 30 years, Mike Mignola Hellboy delighted the audience by mixing the occult with sardonic humor. The creation of Mignola, which follows the life of Anung Un Rama, better known as Hellboy, as he goes from a demon baby called to Earth by Nazi occultists to being raised to fight not only the Nazis who Called him from hell, but all the monstrous creatures that threaten humanity alongside his teammates from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

Mignola’s creation spawned three live-action films, two animated films, and countless spinoffs, but nothing compares to the original comics themselves.

3 The lottery: authorized graphic adaptation gives new life to a classic story

The Lottery Graphic Adaptation Authorized Shirley Jackson

Based on Shirley Jackson’s beloved horror short story and adapted as a graphic novel by Miles Hyman, The Lottery: Authorized Graphic Adaptation tells the well-known story of a small American town of three hundred residents as they prepare for the annual lottery draw in June. Jackson’s original story and the adaptation of Hyman perfectly captures the eerie reality of humanity’s need to find a reason for everything and often punish that reason even if it makes no sense. Much like Jackson’s original story, the graphic novel will leave readers chilled to the bone.

2 Witches will make you fear trees


Written by Scott Snyder with the art of Jock, Witches quickly gained popularity as one of the scariest and most addicting horror comics of the current era. The series, which currently includes a five-issue miniseries and the Bad Eggs Halloween Special which sets up the second upcoming sequel, tells the story of Sailor Rook and her family as they move to Litchfield, New Hampshire to start afresh after a rough patch in their old town.

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Soon the Rooks discover a horrible secret about their new home; the people of Litchfield serve a race of witches who demand regular sacrifices. With Snyder’s handwriting and Jock’s art, Witches is sure to give nightmares to all readers.

1 Through the woods is a beautiful collection of scary tales

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

A collection of five terrifying stories from writer and artist Emily Carroll, Through the woods is sure to give even the bravest reader the heebie-jeebies. In addition to Carroll’s much-loved webcomic “His Face All Red”, this collection includes four grim new stories from the artist whose hauntingly beautiful works are sure to capture the eye of any reader, even her. they want to look away out of fear. Through the woods is a compilation of short horror stories readers will want to revisit every Halloween.

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