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10 things you didn’t know about John Constantine



An interesting trend among the writers of “Hellblazer” is that they also create their own version of the character. Constantine inspired Mike Carey, who wrote issues 175-215 of “Hellblazer”, to create London-based “independent exorcist” Felix Castor, star of five novels between 2006 and 2009, the first of which, “The Devil You Know” , shares its title. with “Hellblazer” # 12.

Carey emulated such examples as Grant Morrison, who wrote “Hellblazer” # 25 and # 26 before featuring Constantine in a dream sequence in “Doom Patrol” # 53 in March 1992. However, DC Comics editorial bans already had inspired Morrison to introduce a substitute English magician named Willoughby Kipling in “Doom Patrol” # 31, which Mark Sheppard played in the first two seasons of the “Doom Patrol” television series.

Likewise, Warren Ellis, who wrote “Hellblazer” # 134 through # 143, was inspired by Constantine to feature a chain-smoking blonde British occult detective wearing a trench coat named Constance Johanssen in his three-part movie ” 1996 Marvel Pryde & Wisdom. Comic book mini-series. Ellis also featured Jack Carter in issue number 7 of his “Planetary” series, only to have him shave his head, ditch his trench coat and adopt the appearance of Spider Jerusalem, the protagonist of the “Transmetropolitan” series. Ellis in 60 issues. Oddly enough, the infamous story of Ellis’ “Shoot” for “Hellblazer,” slated for issue 141, barely features Constantine, instead serving as a controversy over the school shootings, which canceled the story after the Columbine High School massacre that year.

Constantine’s planned appearances in all four issues of the 1993 “Stanley and His Monster” miniseries, and in the 1989, 1990, and 1991 issues of “Firestorm” and “Captain Atom”, have been replaced by characters named Ambrose Bierce (whose resemblance to Constantine is a racing gag) and “Gregori Eilovotich Rasputin”, respectively.