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4 well-appointed interiors perfect for any book lover



From visually appealing bookcases to literary-inspired installations, these spaces stimulate the imagination with stimulating design elements.

Targeted advertising

For Focus Advertising’s Shanghai office, local studio Yushe Design took inspiration from China’s penchant for literature. Books are “the perfect symbol of knowledge and correspond to the customer’s data and information processing activity,” says lead designer Xu Yi. Walk through the ceremonial arrival tunnel, which resembles the pages of an open book in a nod to the calming nature of reading. Spanning four floors and a variety of spaces, including activity and recreation rooms, the serene, minimalist design encourages employees to find moments of solitude in quiet surroundings. “The Information Explosion Age has saved a lot of time, but it has also robbed us of the happiness of discovery and exploration,” Yi adds. “We wanted to create an interior in which employees could relax and concentrate in the same way that one can relax while reading a book. “

Canary Wharf Collective

At Collective Canary Wharf, a co-living community in East London, members live in beautifully designed private studios equipped with kitchenettes and en-suite bathrooms. The common areas are also well thought out. An inviting library, pool and spa, chef-style communal kitchen, VR golf simulator, and game room are just some of the many on-site amenities that encourage people “to work, live and be together,” according to Thomas Downes, responsible for the interiors of the Collective.

Hotel emblem

Designed by Californian studio Wilson Ishihara, the interiors of Hotel emblem in San Francisco are inspired by the Beat Generation, the 1950s literacy movement that promoted freedom of speech, to think and live boldly, and to challenge the status quo. The property, which is managed by Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, aims to spark creativity at every moment, including in the lobby, where guests are greeted by walls lined with stacks of books, a space dubbed the Alcove of the writer.

Khan Laboratory School

The Khan Lab School in Mountain View, Calif. Is a hybrid mix of school and lab designed by Sal Khan, founder of the online learning platform Khan Academy, as a means to test new learning practices. The campus, designed by Atlanta-based architectural firm Kurani, emphasizes change, evolution, and experimentation through numerous mobile and adaptable design solutions. Other smart elements include a seating area in the shelves.

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