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A history of American comics? Thank you FOC We are on Saturday October 2nd



Thank FOC It’s Saturday – Scheduled to coincide and cover the requirements of the final cut order at Diamond comic distributors. Lunar distribution and starting this weekend, Penguin Random House. So here is this week’s comic book proceeds that may adjust as demand slips and slides with the emerging economic bubble. Or something like that.

Thank you FOC it’s Saturday

Traditionally, the FOC has been the date on which retailers have a last chance to change their advance comic book orders without penalty. A final opportunity for publishers to promote books when orders can still be added. A time for the credits to be amended, for new covers to be revealed and for a final boost to be given. This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant elements.

What’s new this weekend?

Thank you FOC it's Saturday

  • Graphic novel Children of the woods through Joe ciano and Josh hixson for January 2022 is Dark Horse’s FOCing this weekend. After a revenge story leads to a monstrous outcome, Amber and Quinn pay the price for power and magic as they become the new children of the Black Woods. As Amber mingles with the secrets of the woods and the city they live in, Quinn learns that he is not alone in the woods. And not all who reside there are welcoming.
  • MOM: Mother of Madness # 3 play the variations game with multi-level 1:25, 1:50 and 1: 100 variation covers (above) for the final.
  • Dark Horse also collects the ComiXology Originals comic book Cream through Johnnie christmas and Dante Luiz, printed for the first time. Esme, a barista, feels invisible, like a ghost. . . also, when Esme drinks too much coffee, she sees ghosts. Yara, the elegant heiress of a coffee plantation, is still seen, but only has eyes for Esme. Their world is turned upside down when the strange ghost of an old world nobleman begs Esme to bring her letter from New York to a haunted coffee farm in Brazil, to reunite him with her love lost a century ago. Bringing grim news of unrequited love.
  • Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club # 1 Dark Horse spear by Chris Roberson, Mike Mignola, Christopher Mitten and Ben stenbeck. Hellboy uncovers the mysteries of an exorcism gone awry and more when his occult investigator parent reveals the secret and perilous adventures of one of the most mysterious societies in the Hellboy universe! Simon Bruttenholm, a member of the Silver Lantern Club, tells a story of the dawn of radio, in which Sir Edward Gray and Sarah Jewel go head-to-head. . . Technology?
  • Marc Millar and Stuart Immonen launch Magic Order Vol 2 # 1 with 1:10 coverage per Marc Chiarello (below).

Thank you FOC it's Saturday

  • How is Stranger Things: Ybwen’s Tomb # 1, Primordial # 1, To be born # 1, Frontier # 1, Human remains # 1, Technofreak # 1, Bigfoot Frankenstein # 1, Deathstroke Inc # 1, and Hell # 1 do? # 2 are ready for everyone.
  • Launch of Red 5 Comics Carriers # 1 by Ben Ferrari, Erica J Heflin, Jim O’Riley and Elias Martin. Fable, Gladius, Cherrybomb, Dark Dove: no one has heard of these brave heroes … yet … but they are the one thing that stands between the citizens of New York and the invisible terrors that lurk them around. them. A gang of armed homing pigeons, they soar through the night sky in search of new threats and find their greatest yet when the Croc King emerges from the sewers of New York!
  • Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler boss launch What is the farthest place from here Image Comics # 1 with a triple first issue for $ 4.99. And 1:25, 1:50, 1:75 and 1: 100 covers, plus a vinyl record release, below. The world is over. Only groups of children remain living among the ruins. But Sid thinks there must be something more. When she disappears into the wasteland, her gang risks everything to bring her home. A story about the things that matter most: your survival, your loved ones, and your record collection.

Thank you FOC it's Saturday

  • Avengers # 50 / # 750 is the big comic to kick off the cast of Marvel Comics by Penguin Random House, with multi-tiered 1:25, 1:50, and 1: 100 covers.
  • Blade of Darkhold gives Blade a one-shot, a comedian denied him for a while.
  • Death of Doctor Strange gets his Avengers and Strange academy one-shots.
  • Donny Cates and Ryan ottley launch Pontoon # 1, with Bruce Banner piloting an intergalactic Hulk, with multi-level 1:10, 1:25, 1:50, and 1: 200 covers.
  • While Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan hitch Kick off Venom # 1, with Eddie Brock in space and Dylan Brock on Earth, with multi-level 1:25, 1:50 and 1: 100 covers.
  • Marvel 2022 calendars are available for FOC if you want to add more bundles than you have been allocated.
  • Launch of Marvel Comics The thing # 1 by Walter mosley and Tom reilly. Celebrated storyteller Walter Mosley brings his signature style to a sprawling saga of Yancy Street’s favorite son that will span the sprawl of Manhattan’s back alleys to the far reaches of the cosmos itself, with 1:25 level coverage.
  • To rush # 1 launches of Vault Comics by If Spurrier and Nathan Gooden, 1899, Yukon Territory. A frozen border, bloodied and bruised by the last great gold rush. But in the lawless deserts of the north, something whispers in the hindbrain of men, dragging them into a devastated valley, where giant spider tracks mark the snow and impossible cannons roar through the night.
    In Brokehoof, where gold and blood are mined the same way. Now, stumbling to her haunted forests, a woman is gripped not by greed – but by the surging rage of a mother looking for her child … fully flip-flop with tiered blankets 1: 5, 1:10 , 1:50 and 1: 100 (below) tiered covers.

Thank you FOC it's Saturday

  • Excavator # 1 launches Action Lab Comics by Marcelo Ferreira, Athila Fabbio and Michel Rodrigue. Jack Digger is a Gravedigger, a legendary former secret society of monster hunters who make sure the dead they bury stay six feet below the ground. But after the last encounter with the Supernatural, Digger’s mentor hangs up the shovel and moves to Las Vegas to bet his golden years. Now Digger must train a new Undercity: Emily Spade, a burnout student and mild alcoholic who is the only candidate willing to do the dirty work. His life is falling apart and Digger’s is already shattered, but together they could be their little town’s best hope of being monster-free!
  • Launch of Black Mask Comics Godkiller: Spiderland # 1 by Matteo pizzolo and Anna muckracker, with a retail launch rebate, fully returnable with a black bag cover, and level 1:15 and 1:30 variants, fully returnable.
  • WW Norton launches hardcover volume, American comics: a story through Jérémy Dauber.
Thank you FOC it's Saturday
A history of American comics? Thank you FOC We are on Saturday October 2nd
  • DC launches Human target # 1 by Tom the king and Greg Smallwood with 1:25 coverage.
  • Launch of Scout Comics Commander Rao # 1 by Fallen Greyhound & Jeremy Simser with a 1:10 variant.
  • Ahoy Comics launches My fault # 1 by Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman and Peter Krause.
  • Launch of Scout Comics Thud # 1 by Bryan “Peabe” Odiamar.

What’s on your FOC?

Sign up below, and we’ll see what Thanks FOC It’s Friday brings next week… on time maybe.

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