A loan for the start in Cediaz Bank


We have already mentioned the loan for people starting business activities available at SoarBank (former FM Bank), we also presented a credit limit in the mBank corporate account, so it’s time to present another popular financial product among new companies – a loan to start in Cediaz Bank.

As we can read in the information about this offer, the loan for the start is an offer prepared mainly for those companies that have just started their activity or those making their first steps and having the first months of running the business behind them. In both cases, they can apply for additional funding in the form of a start-up credit and, additionally, they have the opportunity to take advantage of the special promotion “Year without Social Security”.

Starting a business, or running your own business, is practically impossible without the funds being deposited. The costs are incurred at the start-up of the company – smaller or larger. Therefore, a good solution for new companies is the so-called start-up loans available at selected banks. Cediaz Bank is one of such banks. Loans are granted in cash and can be used for any purpose related to business operations.

A big advantage of Cediaz Bank’s offer is a high credit limit, which we can apply for, up to PLN 350,000. In addition, in this bank we will get the longest loan term of up to 120 months, or 10 years.

Who can get a loan to start in Cediaz Bank?

Who can get a loan to start in Cediaz Bank?

 can be both natural persons conducting business in Poland, representatives of public trust professions as well as commercial law companies. The loan can be available from the first day of the company’s operation.

Finally, it is worth to present the currently available promotion “Year without Social Insurance Institution” available under the loans for start. Well, all of the people who run a single business, who will be granted a loan, can receive additional funds. The bank will cover their ZUS contributions for the first 12 months up to PLN 400 per month. Thanks to this possibility, we will not have to worry about one of the highest costs associated with running a business.

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