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A new book by a local author shines a light on the magic of our peatlands


Tina Claffey

A new book that aims to shine a light on the pure magic of Ireland’s bogs has just been published by award-winning local photographer Tina Claffey.

‘Portal’ was launched at Birr Castle Demesne on Thursday by another renowned local geologist, botanist and author, John Feehan, who hailed the new publication as one of Ireland’s ‘treasures’.

The new book contains striking images of the unique flora and fauna hidden in our bogs, wetlands and eskers, all of which were captured by Tina Claffey with her camera.

Recognized as one of Ireland’s leading nature photographers, Tina Claffey, who now lives in Birr, has spent over a decade living and working in Botswana, Southern Africa, where she photographed flora, wildlife and wildlife before returning home to live in the Midlands.

She became interested in Ireland’s remaining raised bogs when she settled in Offaly and has worked tirelessly to capture the unique landscape which she considers to be one of ‘Western Europe’s last true wilderness’. .

Tina considers our bogs to be ‘magical places’ and with her special macro photography techniques, which require great skill and patience, she has managed to capture a huge range of photographs showcasing the magic and beauty of the landscape of the bogs.

In 2017, she launched an exhibition at the Birr Theater & Arts Center titled “Elements” in which she conveyed the mood of the twilight hours, and even ventured underwater into the mysterious bog pools to reveal the treasures and inhabitants who are not normally visible. with the naked eye.

“Elements” followed two previous exhibitions, “Seoda – Treasure Under Foot” and Seoda – Treasure of the Wetlands”, which also explored Tina Claffey’s fascination with our raised bogs. The talented local photographer also published a highly acclaimed book on Irish bogs in 2018 called ‘Tapestry of Light’, which was followed by a photographic exhibition of her work as part of the ‘Living Bog’ project.

In her new book ‘Portal’, Tina Claffey uses her photographic skills, her observational eye and her unique perspective to create a breathtaking book that captures the beauty of Ireland’s unique, rare and endangered landscape.

Margaret O’Gorman, President of the United States Wildlife Council, described Tina Claffey’s work as “a rich testament to the importance of peatlands to our natural heritage and an ark for peatland biodiversity.” From sleeping bees to frosty mushrooms, Tina’s photos remind us of the wonders that surround us if we only stop to recognize them.