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Andy and Anne Morrison discuss Jim Morrison’s “Guide to the Maze” ahead of publication


Dec 14 2021

Jim Morrison’s siblings Anne and Andy Morrison spoke to Salon in an exclusive interview to discuss A Guide to the Labyrinth, one of the most licensed limited editions ever released by Genesis Publications.

Describing Morrison as an “active thinker and writer,” said Anne Salon that she hopes the book – which brings together all of Jim Morrison’s writings from his personal notebooks, pages of his life’s poetry, published and unpublished lyrics, drawings and even a screenplay – will attract new, unpublished readers. initiated into the work of his brother. “I wanted the book to be about Jim, rather than everyone telling us who Jim was.”

“For fans of The Doors music, A GUIDE TO THE LABYRINTH: THE COLLECTED WORKS OF JIM MORRISON is a must read. Beautifully illustrated, the anthology was published by Morrison’s siblings in collaboration with the renowned Genesis Publications. mind in rapid fire engagement with a changing world. – Salon

Over 600 pages, the work of Jim Morrison is presented in its entirety in his own hand, as well as composed. Jim used a variety of styles and sizes of blank page notebooks to record his observations, compose poems, and sketch out plans for book and record projects. Over 350 original pages are displayed as close to actual size as possible, reproduced from the selection of notebooks, transcripts and annotated manuscripts found in the Morrison Archives.

The book is signed by Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Anne Morrison and Andy Morrison, and contains words from nearly 30 contributors including Alice Cooper, John Densmore, Perry Farrell, Billy Gibbons, Robby Krieger, Ian McCulloch, Anne Morrison, Andy Morrison , Iggy Pop and Grace Slick.

The limited edition of A guide to the labyrinth, which is still available for pre-order, includes a full-size replica of two of Jim Morrison’s personal notebooks: “Number 13” and “Number 15”, and a 7-inch vinyl record containing five recordings of Jim Morrison’s poems .