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Angels & Airwaves Release Latest Futuristic Song “Timebomb” Before Releasing Lifeforms


Angels & Airwaves release latest futuristic song

Two days before the release of their first album in seven years, Angels & Airwaves released a new track called “Timebomb”. “Timebomb” is the last of the 10 song album, LIFE FORM, which comes out this Friday via Rise Records / BMG, an album that explores a variety of subjects but which is largely centered on the theme of interpersonal relationships. Speaking on “Timebomb,” Tom DeLonge said, ““ Timebomb ”is a special song for me because it represents the emotional equivalent of an armed device about to explode. I think everyone can relate to it. the pressure of life weighing on a young adolescent heart.

Released with a visualizer, the song has a nostalgic ’90s-style debut, with the synths playing a sharp beat as the distorted vocals enter the mix. DeLonge’s distinct voice picks up the catchy tune, singing “Hey sad little girl / I really wanna hold you / Your heart is like a time bomb / And it’s gonna start killing you / But in a world so sad / There is still has things to discover / It is possible to hang on / Because your story is not over ”he sings to the listener The hopeful tone of what the future may hold pervades the entire song, as the viewer passes through a video camera recording a screen with distinct images of a young woman and other distorted visuals.

Watch “Time Bomb” here:

The band is also getting ready for concerts again and will be playing Jimmy Kimmel Live! September 28, following their recent return to the shows with a performance at Lollapalooza. Their other releases on this album include “Losing My Mind” and “Spellbound”.

DeLonge, founding member of Blink-182, formed Angels & Airwaves in 2005. The group has released five full albums and recorded numerous hits including “The Adventure”, “The War”, “Everything’s Magic” and “Rebel Girl. . ”The Dream Walker, released in 2014, reached number 1 on iTunes and number 5 on Billboard’s Best Alternative Albums chart. A multimedia project, the album was accompanied by a graphic novel, comics and the short film Poet Anderson, co-directed by DeLonge, which won the award for best animated short at the Toronto International Short Film Festival.