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Auction of first edition Harry Potter signed books for a ridiculous amount


The complete set of first edition Harry Potter books, all by author JK Rowling, are expected to fetch between $118,000 and $178,000 at auction.

An original signed edition set Harry Potter books were auctioned off for a ridiculous amount of money. The first book in the series by author JK Rowling, Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stonewas first published on June 26, 1997. The seventh and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowswas published a decade later on July 14, 2007. During the books run, Harry Potter has become one of the biggest pop culture franchises in the world, with films grossing over $33 billion in the United States alone.

As the franchise has such a passionate fan base, Harry Potter the memorabilia — from Rowling’s personal possessions to props from the movies — have fetched thousands of dollars at past auctions. In 2021, Heritage Auctions sold a hardcover first edition of The Sorcerer’s Stone for $471,000, while the original offer started at $75,000. The most expensive Harry Potter the item for sale was one in seven copies of The Tales of Beedle the Bardhandwritten and illustrated by Rowling, which sold at Sotheby’s for $483,906 in December 2016.


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Recently listed at Christie’sa complete set signed Harry Potter first-edition novels were auctioned with an estimated price of £100,000-150,000 (about $118,758-$178,138). The set includes a very rare first impression of The Sorcerer’s Stonewhich has a typo on page 53 and a misspelling of the word “Philosophy” (which replaces “Wizard” in the title of the book when sold in the UK and elsewhere) on the bottom panel of the book. Only 500 copies exist Harry Potter printing, 300 of which were sent to libraries. This listing is the first signed set to appear at auction to include the first print Sorcerer’s Stone since 2014.

While most of the books on the auction list are simply signed by Rowling, the second book, The Chamber of Secrets, features a personalized message, which reads “To Tessa MacGregor, with best wishes.” Although highly personalized author messages, such as those that include recipients’ names, often affect the value of an item at auction, it currently does not appear to be the case. Harry Potter book auction. The set is estimated to sell for nearly $180,000. The seller of the series intends to donate a portion of the sale of the listing to the Lumos Foundation, a charity that seeks to end the institutionalization of children.

Due to Rowling’s sharp decline in popularity in recent years after she shared controversial views that have been labeled as transphobic and homophobic, Harry Potter memories aren’t as valued as they used to be. Earlier this year, the iconic glasses and wand used by Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter the films have been auctioned and are expected to sell for just $8,000 to $12,000. While that’s still not a small sum, it’s not a lot compared to what other major movie franchises have sold their own memorabilia for. It remains to be seen how much this Harry Potter The book set will actually be sold at Christie’s, but even at the lowest estimate, it’s likely to be an incredibly impressive amount.

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Source: Christie’s

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