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Avengers 5? Armor Wars leak reveals surprising new superhero squad


Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown into a giant multimedia empire, with the characters in the Avengers comics leading the charge of the franchise themselves. In 1984, the New York-based superhero group authorized the company of saving the world on the West Coast to a California branch known, aptly, as the West Coast Avengers.

In 2021, the West Coast Avengers storyline could feature a new batch of MCU movies – if you believe the latest rumors. But based on their comic book history, it probably won’t be the Avengers 5 the team you might expect. Instead, the advent of a spin-off superhero team could give the MCU a chance to replicate one of the smartest moves the comics have ever made.

Armor wars leaks!

Marvel’s anonymous but popular leaker on September 20 Main middle man (@MainMiddleMan on Twitter) hinted at a twist in the mysterious upcoming Disney + series Armor wars (which still does not have a final release date).

In a series of tweets, Main Middle Man says the series will focus on the character of Don Cheadle Rhodey and the Stark family in the wake of Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame.

The leaker also says Armor wars will set up the formation of the West Coast Avengers, with Vision supposed to play a leading role.

“There will be initial training for the West Coast Avengers,” writes Main Middle Man.

They continued, “Vision and other familiar faces are expected to pop up. From everything I’ve heard, this will be a very intense and immersive, MCU-style series and will star Zeke Stane.

Main Middle Man, whose Twitter account was registered in September 2020, is a figure known to Marvel fans for their often occasional “leaks”. In the past, the Unknown Leaker has revealed specific plot details for MCU shows like WandaVision (for example, a tweet from December 2020 on the role of Evan Peters in the series) and the release date of the Hawk Eye trailer. A full recording of the precise Main Middle Man leaks can be found on Reddit. This may be one more to add to the list.

Aside from the tweets on Armor wars, it’s safe to say that the West Coast Avengers are probably on their way to the MCU. After all, the MCU spent most of Phase Four preparing for the heroes to arrive.

Marvel’s anonymous leaker @MainMiddleMan recently tweeted about Armor wars on Disney + featuring the West Coast Avengers.Twitter.com/mainmiddleman

Who are the West Coast Avengers?

The West Coast Avengers (alternatively, Avengers West Coast) was created by Roger Stern and Bob Hall in 1984. In the comics, Vision and Hawkeye decide to expand the Avengers beyond New York in order to be more effective in their response to new threats. across the hemisphere.

The original West Coast team is made up of Hawkeye, wife of Hawkeye Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra, and Iron Man (Rhodey wearing Tony’s armor). The series was supposed to last only four issues, but it largely outlived those initial plans. Comics West Coast Avengers operated for almost ten years, from October 1985 to January 1994.

The name “West Coast Avengers” is ringing the comics tubular brother, but the real driving force behind the team (and the comic book series they star in) is redemption. In a 2021 report by Newsarama, comic book authors Christos Gage and Sam Humphries comment on the importance of the West Coast Avengers and their unsung legacy in the Marvel Universe.

“The West Coast Avengers were kind of the ‘damaged’ Avengers … they all have a checkered past and / or some issues going on,” Gage said. Newsarama. “There was a real feeling that they were trying to work things out and achieve some kind of redemption.”

Gage adds that West Coast Avengers also popularized the idea of ​​derivative titles, which is a more common practice in modern comic book publishing.

“West Coast Avengers was the first expansion for the Avengers. The multiple Avengers books that we’ve now started there,” Gage says. “I think that’s the legacy of the title… that the Avengers could be not just a team. , but a franchise. “

Cover of West Coast Avengers # 1. The West Coast Avengers first began in a limited series of four issues where Hawkeye established a West Coast branch of the New York-based Avengers. The series proved popular and later became its own ongoing series, which lasted almost ten years.Marvel comics

Comic book writer Sam Humphries observes as the East Coast-based Principal Avengers the comic book has also evolved to encompass more heroes from the Marvel Universe, thanks to the work of writers like John Byrne and Brian Michael Bendis.

“With such a reach, the concept of a separate second team four hours away on a commercial plane seems odd, doesn’t it?” Notes Humphries.

Always, West Coast Avengers was not just a product of its time as a defining moment introducing the idea of ​​giving more space to heroes whose stories couldn’t all fit into one Avengers comic series.

The Reverse Analysis – Even if there’s a confirmed leaker handing out juicy spoilers, it’s still wise to take any rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism. Even getting Kevin Feige on stage and announcing something isn’t enough to make that thing happen (remember Inhuman?). Still, if the West Coast Avengers are coming to the MCU, it’s only fitting that, just like in the comics, they go wherever they can to have their own spotlight away from the other Avengers.