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Minority-based graphic novel The Space Between was featured on the company’s booth

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Back comic books made their first appearance at the LA Comic Con convention last weekend, December 3-5, 2021. The booth was the publisher’s latest graphic novel, The Space Between (TSB) with merchandise featuring the characters from the novel . Backpack Comics attended the convention with the intention of increasing funding for the TSB project through a Launch campaign and present it to fans of comics and graphic novels around the world.

The Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help raise funds for this first new series of graphic novels, which will help create and establish a platform for minorities to come together and tell stories that represent them more authentically. . The goal of this campaign is $ 65,000 over 60 days. Unlike other fundraising campaigns, each donor will receive a digital copy of “The Space Between – Origin Story”. For those looking to really get things done and want to collect limited edition merchandise, there are different levels that include merchandise such as limited edition boxes, t-shirts, sweaters, backpacks and more. Moreover.

About the space between
From the creative mind of screenwriter, director and producer Donell Nelson comes the new Backpack Comics publishing company with its brand new series, The Space Between (TSB). TSB is a fun, energetic and thought-provoking story that follows 2 12-year-old orphans, Protan and Neutrina, as they learn to live within the “foster care system” while discovering that they each have their own set of new and powerful abilities. This four-volume graphic novel series (16 comics in total) sets the stage for “A New Generation of Heroes” as well as unimaginable villains and allies. TSB will feature illustrations and artwork from professionals from the Marvel and DC comic book universe.

About Donell Nelson
Donell Nelson made his internship debut for Spike Lee’s work on Forty Acres & A Mule Film, while a student at Morehouse College, and worked as a production assistant at his Daze film school. Donell began directing music videos for local artists in Atlanta before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his big screen ambitions. After successfully completing a summer filmmaking program at USC Film School and Robert McKee STORY’s internationally renowned screenwriter workshop, Donell proceeded to direct a short film The Windows Are Closed. He has worked in various production capacities for some of the most prominent music video directors on videos for artists Janet Jackson, Pharrell, Snoop Dog, Nelly, Mary J. Blige, etc.

Through his own production company R-And-D Filmworks, he has developed his own original productions in reality TV, script TV and film. His company has produced a While We Work television pilot, a Dive Club docu series, several music videos for record industry giants Universal Music & Warner Bros. as well as viral videos for businesses and non-profit organizations. lucrative.

About Backpack Comics
Backpack Comics was founded to provide an alternative space for minorities to produce original and authentic fantasy stories to spark the imagination. The comic book space is very popular in minority communities, but the representation is totally unbalanced. As a founder, being a storyteller myself, I also wanted to have this space for myself. I brought together artists and comic book veterans, previously employed by Marvel & DC Comics, with over 20 years of experience to produce The Space Between. We are excited about the space we have created and look forward to the trip.
To learn more and donate to Backpack Comics, please visit their Kickstarter page at TSB by BACKPACK COMICS – Kickstarter

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