Home book seller Barnes and Noble brings audiobook support to its Nook app

Barnes and Noble brings audiobook support to its Nook app


Barnes and Noble has been selling audiobooks since 2014. They created the Nook Audiobooks app for Android and iOS. Their catalog of content came from Findaway, which powers many catalogs for audiobook retailers, such as Google, Kobo, and Scribd. Barnes and Noble has announced that they are discontinuing their audiobook app and integrating everything into the main Nook app. They will also close their dedicated website they created for service.

The Nook Audiobooks app has been constantly evolving since its release. It never had much success as Barnes and Noble never promoted the service. There has never been a mention on their social media platforms and no press releases since the initial launch. The app was not preloaded on any of their tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab for Nook or any of their modern tablets, such as the Lenovo Nook edition. It always amazed me why the bookseller didn’t even load their own audiobook app on their own tablet, it just never made sense to me.

The discontinuation of the Nook Audiobook app isn’t the only change they’re making. Barnes and Noble will soon integrate its entire catalog of audiobooks on its website via bn.com/audiobooks. At the moment everything is just a placeholder, but in the future you can preview the audiobook, to get a sense of the narration. The sample or paid audiobook will automatically sync to your Nook Account. The audio content will be in your library section of the main Nook app.

Barnes and Noble does not have an exact launch date, the bookseller will contact existing NOOK Audiobooks users in the coming weeks when the new platform becomes available.