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Batman producer explains why Robert Pattinson’s movie isn’t in the DCEU


Marvel surprised a lot of people, including, quite possibly, himself, when the studio found incredible success in bringing comic book continuity on the movie screen. Now we’re entering a whole new world of comic book movies because Marvel and DC are build multiverses for their movie characters. Fortunately, if all of this is a bit too much for you, you can still enjoy The batman as it is confirmed to be a standalone story not connected to the larger DC Universe.

One of the big questions that arose when Ben Affleck’s Batman movie slowly evolved in Matt Reeves’ film Batman, was what that meant for the DCEU. It was assumed that when the project would include the Justice League actor, it would’ve been part of the same universe that included Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Superman, but with Robert Pattinson taking over as the capped crusader, everything was a bit more blurry. The batman Producer Dylan Clark recently explained to Empire (via Slashfilm) that this new film is unrelated to the events of Flash in any way, saying …

Warner Bros. has a multiverse where they explore different ways of using the character… We don’t get involved in that. Matt is interested in pushing this character to his emotional depths and shaking it to his heart.

It all seems to be due to director Matt Reeves, who specifically requested the freedom to tell a stand-alone story when approached to take over writing and directing duties from Ben Affleck. While fans certainly seem to like the concept of the Cinematic Universe, it’s clear that a writer can’t just come and completely throw the playbook out the window when you’re making a movie in this world, because there are bigger story issues that should at least be sidestepped.

Seeing Batman shake deep inside himself certainly sounds like the new movie is going to go to some interesting places that we haven’t seen Batman reach in previous movies, and that’s where the non-DCEU story is. makes the most sense. Regardless of Batman’s future plans in the larger DCEU, a version that reaches its emotional depths may not be what the franchise is looking for in its Batman.

When Flash is he comingIt will contain at least two different versions of Batman, the one played by Ben Affleck and the one played by Michael Keaton. Technically, the one played by Robert Pattinson is likely part of an offshoot of the DC Multiverse, but we shouldn’t expect that to be significant in either of these movies.

There is still a precedent in the comics for this idea. The batman is essentially the graphic novel, which tells a full story that doesn’t necessarily tie into the monthly comics. These are part of an ongoing adventure that may have lasted for decades. There is room for both on the shelves of comic book stores, and there will likely be some at the multiplex as well.