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Best ice cube molds for cocktails


Summer equals cocktails in my book, and this year I can’t wait to improve my game. For a little help, I called in Noah Rothbaum, editor of Half Full and co- host of the Life Behind Bars podcast, who previously gave me some tips on juicers. The next big thing he said, for a good cocktail, is to have good ice cream.

“The problem with the cubes produced by most standard ice cube trays (or machines) is that they are too small and melt way too quickly, which dilutes a cocktail,” Noah told me.

This is why Noah prefers these ice cube trays on just about every other ice cube tray and machine out there.

“I like having several of the so-called Tovolo Perfect ice cube molds in my freezer at all times, ”he said. “Each tray produces 15 cubes of 1¼ inches each. They are perfect for shaken or brewed cocktails, a tall glass of water or a pitcher of margaritas.

He added that if you want something bigger, especially to enjoy with whiskey, “Tovolo King Craft Large Ice Cream Molds are great for the job. Due to the large size of the cubes, they melt very slowly and dilute your whiskey a bit.

Large King Craft Ice Cream Molds

“Other trays that I have tested can be much more difficult to use: either the cubes are impossible to take out, or the trays are so fragile that they cannot stand on their own,” he told me. he says. “Tovolo ice cube trays are stiff enough to stand on their own until ice forms. They also make it easy to take out the cubes – no need to tap them or run them under hot water.

Better yet, added Noah, “anyone with a freezer can make great ice cream using these molds. I always have several in my freezer ready to go if I need to make drinks. For the holidays, I usually make several batches of ice cubes ahead of time and transfer them to Ziploc bags.

I decided to try Noah’s ice cream molds for their money. the Perfect Cubed Mussels really made perfect cubes which, without fail, were easy to remove from the mold, and compared to my old ice cubes, melted much slower.

And then the Large King Craft Molds were great too. It was a pleasure to drink with such a giant ice cube that slowly melted and was easy to remove, and I love having both mini and ginormous ice cubes to play with. My cocktails have never tasted so tasty, and I have to thank Noah (and Tovolo of course).

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