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Best New Decorating & Interior Design Books


From beach house ideas to exploring the mood-changing effects of different hues, get inspired by the latest interior design books.

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A room for her
by Robyn Lea (Thames & Hudson), $ 65
A joy to see, this book gives us access to the inner sanctuaries of some of the most inspiring female creative forces in the world. Extraordinary women – writers, jewelers, artists and curators – with extraordinary homes: varying in style, form and function, but each captivating. From an antique dealer in Capri to an artist’s home in upstate New York, beauty abounds.

To select
by Lynda Gardener and Ali Heath (Mitchell Beazley), $ 55
Interior stylist Lynda Gardener’s signature look begins with a monochrome palette upon which she builds layers of valuable finds to create an eclectic aesthetic. Here, she and writer Ali Heath explore 10 spaces that embody modern rustic charm, from the conversion of an urban warehouse to a historic country house.

Life is a beach
(Gestalten), $ 95
Life’s a Beach offers the escape when you need it most, not to mention inspiration in spades. Don’t expect standard seaside retreats: every stunning home is a thoughtful response to both its location and the needs of its occupant. The selection covers everything from Asian treehouses to minimalist Scandinavian sensibilities, and there are even a few coastal Australian mansions.

Jungalow: Decorate Wild
by Justina Blakeney (Abrams), $ 60
The antithesis of the cookie cutter style, Blakeney’s love for bold colors, patterns and prints is evident in the stimulating interiors which have gained popularity via his Jungalow blog. The book celebrates both his maximalist style and his fascinating creative journey, as well as the sharing of tips and tricks for creating a beautiful home based on self-expression.

Every room should sing
by Beata Heuman (Rizzoli), $ 110
Heuman’s irreverent approach to decorating has drawn his many fans. In her highly anticipated debut book, the London-based Swedish-born designer encourages the creation of beautiful spaces that reflect the owner’s individuality and personal style while giving us insight into the homes, including hers, that are imbued with of fantasy and joy. .

(Phaïdon), $ 100
Phaidon took on the arduous task of cataloging 100 of the world’s most exceptional designers, and the result is this magnificent work. Showcasing breathtaking commercial and residential spaces from all corners of the world and spanning a wide range of styles, this encyclopedic book shines a spotlight on today’s top interior designers and decorators.

Comfort House Style
by Andrew Howard (Abrams) $ 55
Howard draws on his expertise in creating interiors to help the reader define their own style when decorating their home, regardless of budget. Tackling styles from the ‘new formal’ to ‘contemporary bohemian’, and providing tips and tricks on everything from storage to window treatments, this book provides inspiration and advice in equal measure.

Provencal style
by Shauna Varvel (Vendôme Press), $ 80
Once defined by their shabby-chic interiors and rustic charm, Provencal homes now benefit from a more contemporary style, as Varvel shows. In addition to its own 18th-century villa, Varvel also explores the homes of renowned interior designers and more modest mansions that share an enviable elegant and uniquely French aesthetic.