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Bill McKibben launches new climate projects



Author and climate activist Bill McKibben has created two new initiatives.

The first is a bulletin called “The crucial years», Available through Substack with various subscription options.

In the newsletter’s introduction he writes “I will try to highlight what I think are the most important developments, and rally people for the most important fights.”

Bill McKibben speaks to a packed house at the Wild Center at an Explorer event in 2019. Photo by Mike Lynch

While users can sign up for free, those who choose to support McKibben’s work with a paid subscription will help fund another new initiative he is announcing at the same time: a grassroots movement similar to 350.org, which McKibben founded. This new project, called Third act aims to mobilize members of the baby boomer and silent generations to become more involved in climate change activism.

As an incentive for paying subscribers to The Crucial Years, McKibben is offering a chance to have a first reading of his latest work – A fictional book he describes as a supplement to his first fictional novel titled “Radio Free Vermont”. (Click here for a review we ran in Explorer in 2018.)

Vermont without radio
Radio Free Vermont By Bill M cKibben Blue Rider Press, 2017 Hardcover, 240 pages, $ 22

He writes: “My pandemic hobby did not involve learning how to bake sourdough bread; instead, I finally finished a long wandering tale that I have been working on for years. I hesitate to call it a novel – maybe “thread” would be more descriptive. It’s a prequel / sequel in some ways to the only other fiction I’ve ever published, a very popular little volume called Vermont without radio. This one is called The Other Cheek, and it spans the globe, constituting my effort to see if movement building can be made as dramatic as the violence we normally enjoy; Think of it as a superhero adventure where superheroes don’t have special powers. Either way, if you pay to subscribe to this newsletter, you will receive another little piece of The Other Cheek every week, that is, Dickensian-style it will be a series .

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