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Bloodborne Fans Waiting For A Sequel Must Read The Graphic Novel


Bloodborne fans eagerly awaiting the announcement of its sequel should pick up the official graphic novel companion to get their fix.

Fans of the critically acclaimed film transmitted by blood FromSoftware’s video game who can’t wait to return to Yharnam and continue The Hunt should read Titan’s graphic novel adaptation of the beloved game that will satisfy anyone in desperate need of news on Bloodborne 2. There haven’t been any updates on the hopeful sequel, so if players want to keep embarking on harrowing gothic quests, look no further, there are now 16 fully released. transmitted by blood comics depicting the Hunters, the Healing Church, Eileen the Raven, and the city’s battles against the bloodthirsty beasts of Yharnam.

transmitted by blood is an action role-playing game similar (in some ways) to FromSoftware’s previous games Demon’s Souls and dark souls but has developed a legitimately rabid fan base since debuting in 2015. With the recent single transmitted by blood with the news that it could be ported to PC games in 2022, there has been a severe lack of new content for fans of this brutally violent and complex game. transmitted by blood is known for having an extremely complex lore, much of which remains unexplored in the game, but the graphic novels delve deeper into the history of Yharnam, the Greats, Pureblood, and other major parts of transmitted by blood cannon.


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Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep—written by Ales Kot (Zero, Wolf) with stunning artwork by Piotr Kowalski (Wolfenstein, The Witcher, The Dark Tower)—is published by independent publishing house Titan and collects the first four issues of the graphic novel series. The official synopsis for the first run reveals that the comic follows an unnamed hunter:

“Awakening in an ancient city plagued by a twisted endemic – where horrible beasts stalk the shadows and the streets are covered in the blood of the damned – a nameless hunter embarks on a dangerous quest in search of Paleblood.. .his only escape from the endless Night of the Hunt…”

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep follows two new characters, an unnamed androgynous hunter and a bald child seemingly connected to Paleblood, in a companion story set before the events of the game that presents new insights into previously unexplored lore. After the success of Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep, Titan released three follow-up miniseries collecting the next 12 issues, titled Bloodborne: The Healing Thirst, Bloodborne: A Song of Crows and Bloodborne: The Veil, Torn Asunder, which all exist in the transmitted by blood universe but follow different plots and characters.

Fans of the bloodthirsty game who are impatiently awaiting the sequel transmitted by blood content should look no further, as the graphic novels explore the world of Yharnam in ways the game may never be able to. Detective story fans should love it Bloodborne: The Thirst for Healing which follows Doctor Alfredius and Priest Clement as they attempt to investigate and uncover the gruesome mystery behind the Ashen Blood Outbreak and the secretly insidious Healing Church. Anyone interested in the mysterious Hunter of Hunters Eileen the Crow should be sure to read up Bloodborne: Crowsong which features Eileen as the main character and delves into her backstory. Finally, players interested in some of the realities of street-level life in Yharnam should read Bloodborne: The Torn Veil which follows an army deserter who travels to Yharnam in search of forbidden knowledge before slowly descending into madness.

With the 16 issues of transmitted by blood comic book companion series now published by Titan, it’s the perfect time for devoted supporters of the franchise to begin exploring the hidden secrets of Yharnam and its hunters in a new medium. With the highly anticipated release of FromSoftware’s Elden Rings, which was compared to transmitted by blood and dark souls, in the near future fans of transmitted by blood may soon have a new game to fill the gap transmitted by bloodhole the size of a hole in their heart. In the meantime, anyone who craves more FromSoftware transmitted by blood content should definitely check out Titan transmitted by blood graphic novel mini-series, beginning with Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep.

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