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Caerphilly cartoonist lands international comic book contract



Maesycwmmer cartoonist Josh Hicks is set to take his group of neurotic pugilists to the next level when Minneapolis-based publisher Graphic Universe releases his comic, Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultimate Championship Edition, in October.

Josh Hicks, 30, has been writing, drawing and publishing the series himself in recent years, selling mainly at art fairs, comic book conventions and independent comic shops in Wales and England. Now the series will reach the top rope when the American publisher releases a definitive, full-color collection of comics across the world.

Glorious Wrestling Alliance offers readers a glimpse into the universe’s least professional wrestling company, featuring the fiercest – and most confrontational – competitors to ever set foot in the ring. Filled with colorful characters, witty dialogue, and endless leg lowering, the book is a daring love letter to the surrealist theater of professional wrestling that tackles insecurity and anxiety over and over. off the mat.

Besides being a gifted cartoonist, Josh also works as a freelance illustrator and animation director. He recently co-directed two animated music videos for Foo Fighters – No Son of Mine and Chasing Birds – at Caerphilly-based Bomper Studio.

Josh said the comic had been a labor of love for quite some time, so he was delighted to see the collection sold around the world: “I’ve been working on the Glorious Wrestling Alliance comics since around 2016, so it’s surreal and rewarding. that Graphic Universe now offers them to a wider audience. I remember sketching out the first few pages in a little back room at home years ago, so it’s pretty amazing to think that people all over the world will soon be able to get their hands on the book.

“The collection is out in October, but pre-orders have already started and I can’t wait for it to hit the world. I’m working hard on my second graphic novel with Graphic Universe, which will be a sci-fi adventure about a giant robot that’s also a hotel. Just saying this phrase makes me feel like I’ve found the right home for my job.

The book is already critically acclaimed, with prolific comic book author Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Young Avengers, Star Wars: Darth Vader) calling it “an epic wrestling match between Scott Pilgrim’s thirst for life. and BoJack Horseman’s comedic self-loathing where we’re all winners.

All elite wrestling and Ring of Honor legend Christopher Daniels also gave the book his stamp of approval, stating, “Josh Hicks does a terrific job of satirizing professional wrestling in Glorious Wrestling Alliance.

“Every facet of pro wrestling, from art to ego to commerce, has a chance to win the title with Josh’s witty dialogue and vibrant art.”