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Camino pilgrimage documented in new book by Bucks County author


DOYLESTOWN, PA — If you love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures, here’s a brand new book you might like.

Written by Shawn Herron of Warrington, “A Thousand Miles to Santiago: Moments of Meditation Along Europe’s Great Pilgrimage,” will be officially published Tuesday nationally and locally at Doylestown Bookstore where the author works as a bookseller.

Herron is always hungry for adventure. As a kid growing up in the nearby town of Hatboro, he often jumped on his bike and rode miles and miles.

So when the opportunity arose to walk the Camino, a 1,000-mile Christian pilgrimage through France and Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela, he jumped on the opportunity.

“I love travel and what it opens up. I love learning about cultures of difference and I love exploring. That’s how I decided to make this long pilgrimage,” Herron said.

After serving in the military as a Green Beret for five years – including 18 months in Afghanistan – Herron turned his military experience into a successful career in Washington, DC, working for the Department of Homeland Security. Yet while he was enjoying his time in DC, office life left him wanting.

While in Washington, Shawn discovered a Herron passion for writing, and then something inside of him changed. He soon gave up his career and started backpacking the world.

Inspired by his walk along the Camino and the people he met along the way, Herron turned his experience into a book, which he will share with the public at a Monday pre-release party in the Delaware Valley. University.

Herron will narrate a film screen photo presentation of his journey through France and Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela at the event hosted by Doylestown Bookstore. Participants will also receive a signed copy of his book before its official release.

Part memoir and part travelogue, in his book Herron vividly describes some of Europe’s most spectacular landscapes and shares the challenges he faces with language barriers, foreign customs and life’s physical difficulties. of a pilgrim.

The first 500 mile leg of his journey along the “Chemin de Saint-Jacques” takes him west through France to the Pyrenees, traveling through the mountains and then another 500 miles through Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela where tradition has it that the remains of the apostle Santiago are buried.

As he adjusts to the daily rigors of such a long journey, Herron shares the Camino’s rich connection to history. It delves into the life and legacy of the characters associated with some of the stages of its journey, revisiting the folklore surrounding the life of Sainte Foy and the rise of Christianity, Roland and the advent of chivalry, El Cid and destiny. of the Reconquest.

Sharing tales of thieving monks, savage priests and banished knights, Herron brings Europe’s colorful past to life through the pages of his book.

While sifting through facts and legends, it offers a comprehensive account of medieval times as it relates to Europe, Christianity and pilgrimage.

As his own journey unfolds, Herron said he found humor and wisdom in every misstep and shared insights that came to him as he faced the obstacles between himself and his goal.

Walking over mountains, across plains and through week-long rainstorms, Herron shares with the reader the commitment needed to achieve his dream.

Through this journey of self-discovery, Herron said he is learning what it really means to be a pilgrim and finding “what we are all looking for – a life of meaning and purpose”.

Since his pilgrimage, Herron has worked at the Doylestown Bookstore so he could rub shoulders with books and learn what he could about publishing.

“I never thought I’d write a book about it until I had this whole experience,” he said. “I made the trip to learn more about the pilgrimage and what it means today compared to what it might have been years ago. It’s beautiful. I know that over 100,000 people walk there every year, mostly Europeans, as Americans we don’t know much about it, but it’s a long tradition in Europe.

Monday’s launch party is a ticketed event. Each ticket is $35 and includes admission for one person and a hardcover copy of: A thousand miles from Santiago. For all the details and to order tickets, CLICK HERE.