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Charlize Theron Debuts a Sweeping New Haircut for The Old Guard 2


Filming the Netflix sequel The old guard is about to begin and star Charlize Theron is rocking a new hairstyle for it. At a benefit party for the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) on Saturday, Theron, who hosted a Q&A with the cast and director of Jurassic World Dominion, debuted a new dark mullet hairstyle, telling The Hollywood Reporter that style helps give the impression that time has passed.

“We needed something that felt like time had passed, so for that you go with the old mullet,” Theron said.

In The old guard, Theron played a warrior named Andy who leads a secretive group of tight-knit mercenary knights with a mysterious inability to die as they have protected the mortal world for centuries. But when the team is recruited to undertake an emergency mission and their extraordinary abilities are suddenly on display, it’s up to Andy and Nile (Layne), the newest soldier to join their ranks, to help the group eliminate the threat of those who seek to replicate and monetize their power by any means necessary. Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Greg Rucka and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love & Basketball, Beyond the Lights), The old guard is a gritty, grounded, action-packed story that shows living forever is harder than it looks.

The movie was a big hit for Netflix and the sequel was announced last year. Theron along with other original stars Kiki Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, Luca Marinelli, Veronica Ngo and Chiwetel Ejiofor are all set to return and will be joined by Uma Thurman and Henry Golding. Rucka returned to write the screenplay, although Gina Prince-Bythewood stepped down as director. The sequel will instead be directed by Victoria Mahoney.

“I like The old guard and the story and the characters that I had the honor of bringing into the world,” Prince-Bythewood shared in a statement when Mahoney was announced as director. “It was exciting to disrupt the genre. I decided not to direct the sequel but to remain a producer. I leave our franchise in good hands as my daughter Vic Mahoney takes care of this next chapter of Nile and Joe and Nicky and Booker and Quynh and Andy, scripted by the beautiful mind of Greg Rucka.”

Mahoney shared, “Truly blown away by the level of collective talent, skill and craftsmanship that has gone into sculpting The old guard. I must have washed it over a hundred times, and as such cannot convey the true measure of my excitement – being invited on The old guard journey, alongside fierce tough guys.”

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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)