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Chicago magazine chooses Tribune’s Amy Carr as new editor


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Anyone can guess how long Chicago Magazine will stay in Alden Global Capital’s local portfolio, but for now, the venerable city’s monthly has a new editor.

Amy Carr, who stepped down after eight years as editor of the Chicago Tribune, is back in the fold as editor of Chicago magazine. Both publications are owned by the New York-based hedge fund which acquired Tribune Publishing last month.

In a statement on Wednesday, Carr said she had requested “but ultimately did not agree” to a buyout as planned. “I was preparing for a summer to find my next chapter,” she wrote. “Instead, my next chapter found me, and that’s an amazing one.”

Parr Ridder, managing director of the Chicago Tribune Media Group, announced Carr’s appointment as editor in an email to staff members.

“Amy is the perfect publisher to execute such a story-rich title,” Ridder wrote. “She has proven time and time again that she is an inspiring and innovative journalist with a knack for finding the best ways to tell stories across all platforms.”

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Ridder also confirmed that Terry Noland, editor-in-chief of Chicago magazine since 2014, will be leaving after the August issue is published.

Carr succeeds Susanna Homan, who agreed to a buyout after five years as editor and publisher of Chicago magazine. Homan announced on Wednesday that she would start next week as CEO of the nonprofit shelter PAWS Chicago.

Carr, who joined the Tribune in 2013 as development editor, most recently held the title of director of content for life and culture, overseeing entertainment, lifestyles, food and dining, travel, books, homes, health and family, real estate, cars, Tribune’s Sunday magazine and editorial events.

She previously worked for TimeOut Chicago, where she signed on as Editor-in-Chief when it was founded in 2004 and was promoted to Editor-in-Chief in 2009. Previously, the Eastern Illinois University graduate spent 15 years at the Daily Herald , where she went from journalist to assistant. editor.

“The opportunity to come back to magazines and run such a big title in a city that I love is an honor, a challenge and the kind of thrill I wasn’t sure journalism had yet to offer. me, ”Carr wrote. “So much for my plans to read books by the lake!”

“I can’t wait to tell new stories about this city – all of it – in a new place.”

Here is the full text of Ridder’s email to staff:


I am delighted to announce that Amy Carr will take over as CEO of Chicago Magazine.

Amy is the perfect editor to run a title so rich in history. She has proven time and time again that she is an inspiring and innovative journalist with a knack for finding the best ways to tell stories across all platforms.

Since joining the Chicago Tribune in 2013, Amy has been involved in all major new business development efforts, new editorial product launches, and new audience initiatives. She is adept at using data to make decisions while protecting and advancing our journalistic mission.

Amy’s experience in communicating the value of our journalism – and the importance of maintaining its integrity – will be key to her role at Chicago Mag. Like, of course, his years at Time Out Chicago, which Amy helped found in 2005, then led on an editorial side until he came to Tribune.

Amy’s work at Tribune has ranged from business development and events to some of our most engaging journalistic articles.

Most recently, Amy led the Lifestyle, Entertainment and Food & Dining teams, focusing efforts on and delivering strong results with our digital audiences. She took the lead in launching Food Bowl, a unique three-week series of over 50 events that showed Tribune’s reach and influence in this great food town.

I look forward to Amy’s ideas for leveraging what we do at the Chicago Tribune with Chicago Magazine’s reach and reputation in the restaurant world to better serve our audiences and create new business opportunities.

David Syrek, who will work with Amy as she hits the ground in the sprint, will be the magazine’s interim design director.

David brings to the magazine a remarkable eye for design and engaging content. He was the driving force behind much of the success of the late Tribune Magazine. It performs a beautiful classic design for many of our premium monthly print sections, with The Gift Guide being a favorite and must-have of the year. And he skillfully took the digital leap with our most visually appealing style, fashion and shopping journalism.

I would like to thank Susanna Homan and Terry Noland for their strong management of Chicago Magazine over the past few years. They kept the magazine readable and relevant during extremely difficult times. Thank you.

Terry will bring home the August edition of Chicago Magazine and then, after a transition, hand over September to Amy and David.

We can’t wait to see what they’re up to.

By Ridder
General manager

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