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Children’s Book Center Announces Spring Sale Date


The Center for Children’s Books on the University of Illinois campus has announced the date for its spring sale

This popular sale gives Champaign-Urbana families the chance to stock their personal libraries with new books at a very affordable price; this year you can choose from the best selection by registering for the presale

As much as we love our local libraries, there’s something to be said for bringing home new books that never have to be returned. But buying books can get quite expensive very quickly. Luckily, we live near the University of Illinois, home of the School of Information Studies Children’s Book Center, which opens its doors to the community for one of its famous book sales. . These sales are often very busy and the books quickly fly off the carts and shelves!

When and where

This year, the Center for Children’s Books (CCB) sale will be Monday, April 4 from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. On this day, the community is invited to stop and browse the available books. Admission to the April 4 sale is free, and the price of books ranges from $1 to $5. The general sale will take place outside, weather permitting.

There will be a pre-sale this year with very limited places available on Sunday April 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. You must pre-register for the sale (from March 10) by sending an e-mail [email protected] The cost to attend the presale is $20 per person, paid at the door. The presale will take place inside and masks will be mandatory.

The Children’s Book Center is located at 501 E. Daniel Street in Champaign. You can park a meter just outside the building, as there are several to choose from.

Can I know which books will be available in advance?

Nope. There are no book listings available online, and the selection of books varies widely from sale to sale. You’re sure to find “pre-release” books at CCB sales and we’ve found some absolute gems we didn’t even expect!

CCB said this year’s selection includes “thousands of new children’s books for young people aged 0-18. Our titles represent the full spectrum of fiction and non-fiction children’s publishing: hardbacks, picture books, easy and transitional readers, chapter books, fiction series, novels, activities and kits, non-fiction series, mainstream paperbacks, and more.”

Over the past few years we have been pleased to find a whole selection of informative books – particularly attractive to our aspiring engineers and scientists – and additional bonuses like maps, posters etc., in addition to a wide selection of fiction books for elementary school children.

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