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CHRONOPHAGE, the new graphic novel from Humanoids (Exclusive preview)


Screen Rant is thrilled to share an exclusive preview of Humanoids’ upcoming sci-fi horror graphic novel, Chronophage. Time is love.

Screen Rant is excited to share an exclusive preview of Humanoids‘ latest graphic novel, Time-consuming. This fast-paced comic turns passion into horror. Love and time collide in this thrilling new story.

Time-consuming has the creative team of Tim Seeley and Ilias Kyriazis. Seeley wrote: Hack/slash, revival, and Money Shot. Kyriazis is the artist behind Collapse. It also features an introduction from writer Tom King, who has written for DC and Marvel, including titles like Batman, Mister Miracle and Vision.

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In this sci-fi graphic novel, a single mother gets involved with a mysterious businessman who steals and consumes moments from her past, changing her story and forcing her to decide which elements of her personal history to change and which to protect. . Her life will be turned upside down as she faces new horrors following her exploits with her lover. Humanoids offers readers a twisted view of relationships. Check out the exclusive preview and synopsis of the issue below:

How much of your past would you be willing to give up to try your luck in a new future? When Chloe begins a passionate relationship with a traveling businessman, her life suddenly changes for the better – and not just because she gets screwed. Lost friends return and new opportunities suddenly appear. Soon, however, she begins to experience horrific encounters with ghostly beings, which ultimately turn out to be echoes of moments she no longer experienced. Her new lover, Heath, turns out to be a chronophage, a terrifying alien who lingers days literally stolen from Chloe’s personal history. Can Chloe find her lost moments, or is the life she once knew – including the daughter she had at sixteen – gone forever?

The Humanoids preview above features Chloe, working at her job. This introduces some of the frustrations she has in life, especially when it comes to her daughter. Being a single mom isn’t easy, and Chloe has her work cut out for her. But it seems that when the alien chronophage enters the scene, Chloe will have to fight to regain that life, the frustrations and all. Regarding the latest Humanoids graphic novel, Tim Seely says:

Humanoids allowed us to tell a horror romance contained here…a high concept, terrifying story about relationships and the time we spend in them. No matter how long a lifetime, the moments we share with the people we love are finite and usually counted in hours. That scares me more than anything. Ilias brings real humanity to this story, and I think you’ll fall in love with our two protagonists, even if one of them isn’t who they say they are.

Kyriazis, the author of this new Humanoids graphic novel, adds:

We worked so well with Tim on The Raven: Lethe that we just knew we had to collaborate again. Time-consuming turned out to be the right project. Being all about time allowed me to experiment with layouts and pacing to use techniques that would only work on a graphic novel.

Indeed, Chloe herself notes in the early pages how the comics manage to involve and even skip time periods, and Kyriazis’ comments suggest this idea will be key to the art of the story. In the introduction, Tom King says:

Time-consuming by Tim and the brilliant Ilias Kyriazis is about time and how we spend it, the moments of regret, the moments of waste, the moments when we know exactly what could have been and we try like hell to forget what which must be now.

This sci-fi horror graphic novel features romance readers probably wouldn’t expect to find around Valentine’s Day. It could very well be one of the most toxic comic relationships, even if its aftermath clarifies what really matters in life. Comic book fans can see the gruesome ramifications of Chloe’s love life when Humanoids Time-consuming released on February 15.

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