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Congratulations to the foundation for the library program | News, Sports, Jobs


Reaching young minds takes a bit of creativity, and it looks like the folks at Marietta Community Foundation are up to the challenge. With the creation of the first library in the Laundromat Libraries program, the group has found another way to be where children need it most.

“We’re just happy to be able to provide a way to encourage young minds to cultivate a love of reading, because it’s such an important step in the learning process,” said Frank and Judy Lang, owners of Old Town Express Laundry on Pike Street. “Plus, it gives them something constructive to do.”

Anyone who has spent time waiting for loads of laundry to pass through a commercial laundry knows that it can feel like a long time until the last load is folded and wrapped. For a child, it might as well be an eternity. But the library supported by the Dwight K. and Dorothy S. Hays Memorial Fund can make a difference. So are the books it contains, which come from donations made to the Toys for Tots literacy program upon payment to The UPS Store Marietta. UPS purchased approximately 1,000 Scholastic books, intended for kindergarten through seventh grade.

“We know that people frequently bring their children with them to the laundromat and spend at least an hour there,” Heather Allender, director of the foundation, said. “It will help keep the kids busy with something positive while they’re away and still at home if they choose to keep the book.”

Combined with the foundation’s efforts through the Imagination Library, the Laundromat Libraries program is another example of the focus on helping kids learn to love reading — and giving them the tools they need. to keep growing with the books.

Kudos to those who have worked to make such an important resource available.

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