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Daniel Freedman and Robert Sammelin create original graphic novel by Kali




Daniel Freedman is best known for documentaries like Dirty Hands: The Life and Crimes of David Choe, Under the radar as well as writing, drawing and coloring comics such as Everlasting love and the graphic novel Raiders, as good as. Burn down the orphanage, Deadtown. Avengers and Doctor Strange. While Robert sammelin, famous for Mirror’s Edge, Escape From New York, Sons Of Anarchy, Sleepy Hollow, Terminator, Cimarronin but also for having been a Mono poster designer and DICE illustrator. And now they’re joining forces for a new graphic novel titled Kali, in publication by Dark Horse Comics for August 30, 2022.

Daniel Freedman and Robert Sammelin create Kali Original graphic novel

From Daniel Freedman (Raiders) and Mondo and DICE artist Robert Sammelin, here’s an original graphic novel that’s a nonstop, high octane existential action show perfect for Mad Max: Fury fans. Road! Stabbed in the back, poisoned and left for dead by her own biker gang, Kali sets out on a one-way revenge road through a war-torn desert battlefield. With imminent death in her veins and a fascist army on her heels, Kali will stop at nothing for revenge, even if it’s the last thing she does. An intense and uninterrupted existential action show from writer Daniel Freedman and artist Robert Sammelin!

Notably, Kali, also known as Dakshina Kālikā, is a Hindu goddess who is believed to be the master of death, time, and change. She is also said to be the Parvati, the supreme of all powers, or the ultimate reality. Kali’s origin story saw her emerge from Lord Shiva and she is the ultimate manifestation of Shakti and the mother of all living beings and destroys evil in order to protect the innocent. Over time, Kali has been worshiped by devotional movements and tantric sects under the names of Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Adi Shakti or Parvati. The Hindu and Tantric Shakta sects also worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also considered the divine protector and the one who grants moksha or liberation. How this Kali refers to this Kali remains to be seen.

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