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Dr. Brain Clip Shows Supernatural Fight In Apple TV + Series


New episodes of ‘Dr. Brain ‘premieres every Friday on Apple TV +.


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Apple TV + provided us with an exclusive clip for the third episode of Dr. Brain, a South Korean series that aired on the platform earlier this month. We’re roughly halfway through the story of a brain scientist who decides to find a way to access the memories of the dead after his family is mysteriously killed. In the next episode, Sewon (Lee sun-kyun) will discover he has struck a chord as his investigation begins to endanger his life and he finds himself at gunpoint.

The clip shows Sewon’s connection with the dead left side effects that give him surprising new abilities when cornered. He can now fight like he has never fought before. Aside from all the fights, the third episode is also expected to reveal a shocking truth about the private investigator Sewon ran into in previous episodes.

Dr. Brain is the first Korean-language series to debut on Apple TV +. Lee, who plays the main character Sewon, is best known internationally for his role as a wealthy businessman in an Oscar-winning film. Parasite. The series is written, directed and produced by Kim jee woon, a filmmaker who has made cult films such as horror A story of two sisters, the thriller I saw the devil, western comedy The good, the bad, the strange, and dystopian science fiction Illang: the wolf brigade. He based Dr. Brain on an online graphic novel by a Korean artist Hongjacga.


An image from the Dr. Brain webtoon

Image via Apple

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Apple TV + launches the third episode of Dr. Brain this Friday, and the other three will air every Friday until December 10. Watch the clip of Dr. Brain below.

Check out the official synopsis for Dr. Brain here:

The series follows a brilliant brain scientist Sewon (LEE Sun-kyun) who suffers a gruesome personal tragedy when his family suffers a mysterious accident. Desperate to find out what happened, he goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the tragic mystery by performing “brain synchronizations” with the dead to access their memories in search of clues.


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