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Editor’s note: February 26, 2022


After the publication of a book review on Tuesday of Margaret Atwood’s “Burning Questions,” the publisher alerted the Times that the text it had provided to the paper for revision and again later for fact-checking had suffered substantial revisions before the final version of the book. has been published. An updated review can be read online.

A Wednesday book review of Quan Barry’s “When I’m Gone, Look for Me in the East” misrepresented the purpose of the twin brothers’ quest in the novel. They are looking for the reincarnation of a great spiritual leader, but not the Dalai Lama.

A Page 24 article this weekend about rapper Tariq Trotter misrepresents his age and year of birth. He’s 48, not 50, and he was born in 1973, not 1971.

A 30-page article this weekend about Clarence and Virginia Thomas misrepresents his birthday. She will be 65 on April 25; she did not turn 65 on February 23. The article also loosely references the Council for National Policy’s memo on “action steps.” The document was shared by Brent Allpress with the Center for Media and Democracy, which published it in November 2020; it is not true that its existence was never reported.

A Friday column on Russia sanctions misspelled a researcher’s last name. He is Filip Novokmet, not Novokment.

An obituary Thursday about Gary Brooker, the pianist and lead singer of rock band Procol Harum, misspelled the last name of the lyricist who helped produce the band’s 1975 album, “Procol’s Ninth.” It was Jerry Leiber, not Lieber. (He was a co-producer with his songwriting partner, composer Mike Stoller.) The obituary also loosely referred to the start of Mr. Brooker’s musical career. He started working full-time as a musician after dropping out of college, but had played in the band Paramounts for several years before.

An obituary published Wednesday of chess player Arthur Feuerstein misstated the name of the university he attended in the 1950s. It was the Baruch School of Business – not Baruch College – that became his name in 1968.

Errors are corrected in print whenever possible, so some errors noted here may not have appeared in all editions.

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