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Emma of the Wiggles reveals why she’s leaving the group, Tsehay opens up about her new role, and more


The Wiggles are beloved by fans around the world, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Sadly, a beloved cast member is stepping down, however, as Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins recently revealed that she will be pursuing other things and no longer be the group’s Yellow Wiggle after the year is up. Tsehay Hawkins, who recently made his Wiggle debut on Fruit Salad TV, will now be one of the Top Four Wiggles. ComicBook.com had the opportunity to talk to Emma and Tsehay about why Emma decided to step down, how Tsehay found out he was becoming the new Yellow Wiggle, and more, and you can also watch a game. from our interview in the video above.

The Wiggles are more popular than ever and Emma loved and continues to love being a part of the group, so it wasn’t an easy decision to leave. However, there are also some things that she didn’t have time to pursue, and she is thrilled to finally give some attention to these activities.

“I think during the pandemic, this is really a time for so many people to reflect on their current situation, whether it is family, work, life, friends or the country they are in. live, ”Watkins said. “And so really for us, we absolutely appreciate being able to shoot 80% of the year at any time and myself, Lachy, Simon and Anthony have been touring together for 10 years now. And so it’s kind of like this was five a few minutes ago and then it’s been 50 years, it’s been such an amazing chapter, and really now, for almost 18 months, we haven’t been filming much at all and so we were able to spend a little more time at home and simultaneously studied at college all the time I spent with The Wiggles. “

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“So it gave me time to reflect on my research and the work that I still want to continue in the media, but using dance and sign language as my two passions. And I think I just realized that I really wanted to finish this study properly so I thought it was a good time since we hadn’t filmed in a while, ”said Watkins. “And so we’ve had the pleasure of working with Tsehay for a few years now as part of our cast and being a Wiggly dancer and on stage and in some of our videos, and so this was really the perfect time to introduce Tsehay. to the Wiggly family and so that we can share this beautiful spirit and this human and just wonderful human dancer with the world. It was kind of an organic process and look, I’m really happy to introduce Tsehay to you here today, which is just beautiful. “

Tsehay couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this amazing group and says the whole discovery process was quite surreal.

“It was all really crazy, it was all real quick and they told me on a Zoom call, they were like ‘so we’ve got some exciting news.’ I was like oh! That’s cool, and they were like ‘you’re gonna be the new Yellow Wiggle’. And I was like, oh my god! It was surreal honestly, ”Hawkins said.

Emma sticks around for the rest of the year, but after that, it’s unclear if she’ll be back for appearances here and there. The good news is, we’ve seen some of the original band members return from time to time, both in videos and in performances, so we had to ask her if she would be ready to appear for appearances in the future. .

“I would love to come in, I’m really ready to learn some other dance moves from Tsehay to be honest, so I’m looking forward to that,” Watkins said. “I think I’ll have to go do my research project and then come back and take lessons from Tsehay on how I can be a better Latin dancer.”

If you’ve seen any of Tsehay’s videos as part of The Wiggles, you’ll quickly see how talented a dancer she is. She actually discovered her love of dancing while watching The Wiggles, and since then she has become experienced in a number of different styles and genres of dance, and all of this will undoubtedly come in handy as a Yellow Wiggle.

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“Well obviously the Wiggles started me dancing because that’s what I was dancing in the house for,” Hawkins said. “I like upbeat music and all the colors, so I started dancing through commercial styles with jazz, then ballet and then tap dancing, then I started hip-hop later growing up. And then when I was five we went to a lot of African festivals, my parents would take me with the adoptive group and I was inspired by their dance on stage and they had audience participation so I got on stage and started doing Eskista, which is Ethiopian cultural dance. “

“And they’re like you should go, you should start learning it. So my parents put me in Ethiopian and West African dance classes, then we adopted my little brother from Colombia and I was obsessed with their cultural dance called Cumbia with the dresses. And I was like oh my god I love it, it’s beautiful. So when we got back from Colombia we found a little dance studio in Sydney and i ‘went and the older kids did salsa and saw the whole body moving, I was like oh my god that’s what I wanna do. So I started to learn salsa and with my publicity I kept it because I go to a dance school full time and then I do salsa on the weekends. And MY dad basically sings 24/7, “Hawkins said.

As for Emma, ​​she has always been highlighting Auslan during her time on The Wiggles, and while she won’t be spotlighting him in the Wiggles videos for a while, she will still be working to raise awareness and improve awareness of him. work with the deaf community as a whole.

“I grew up with beautiful deaf friends and sign language was a part of my childhood just as much as dancing and music, and it’s something that always fascinated me because I loved to dance and I loved to use my body to express myself. And so on over the years I have signed off with my friends casually using Auslan, Australian Sign Language in a positive way for the community and understand how can we include more sign language and visual communication in our media so that everything is a little more accessible than it is currently, “said Watkins.” In Australia it is not as supported, the deaf community than in North America so we really have a long way to go but I’m really looking forward to doing a bit of a bridge and spreading our language, which is actually very special in Australia. The auslan is only really used in Australia, so why not embrace it and celebrate it? “

You can watch Emma, ​​Tsehay, and the rest of The Wiggles through their Fruit Salad TV videos and episodes, all of which are located on their YouTube channel. You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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