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I had the good fortune to buy and read a wonderful book, which hit the New York Times bestseller list in just a few weeks. The title of the book is “The Women of the Bible Speak” by Shannon Bream. This book contains the wisdom of 16 women scattered throughout the Bible.

The reason for the title “You Can Feel Her Heart” is that there are parts of the book, especially in the chapter about Hannah, you can actually feel Shannon’s heart because she is so emotionally involved with similar experiences. in his own life.

If you’re a Bible student, you already know there’s so much out there for anyone looking for a better life. I have read the Bible cover to cover 25 times.

The women featured, in this order, are Sarah, Hagar, Rachel, Leah, Tamar, Ruth, Deborah, Jael, Hannah, Miriam, Esther, Rahab, Mary, Martha, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. What a collection of fantastic women. If you’ve ever thought that women in the Bible didn’t really matter, you absolutely have to read this book. Don’t forget that there wouldn’t be fantastic men if there weren’t fantastic women.

First, just a word about the author: Shannon Bream is also the author of “Finding the Bright Side”, the anchor of Fox News at Night and the main legal correspondent for Fox News Channel. She has covered landmark cases in the Supreme Court and heated political campaigns and political battles from the White House to Capitol Hill.

In my own experience, there are some women, some chapters, and some stories that I like more than others, like the story of Ruth, the only non-Jewish woman to have a book named after her. She and Naomi, her mother-in-law, are returning from Moab to Israel after the famine ended, and Naomi has encouraged her to stay in her homeland.

This is when Ruth makes her famous statement: “Do not make me leave you or turn me away from you. Where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people. and your God my God. Where you die, I will die. And there I will be buried. (Ruth 1:16-17A.) Ruth later marries Boaz and becomes an important part of Jewish history.

The other stories are all good, but my favorite is about Hannah. This is where I feel the heart of the author. Hannah marries Elkanah and he has two wives. His wife, Peninnah, has children, but Hannah is sterile and Peninnah taunts her. Hannah goes to the Tabernacle and swears to God, and to Eli the priest, that if he gives her a son, she will dedicate him to God to serve all the days of her life. God does and she does, and this sets the wheels in motion for his son, the prophet Samuel, to anoint David as king of Israel. And the rest is history. The flag of Israel bears the Star of David – a reference to this biblical king.

In addition to these fantastic stories, Shannon Bream talks about her own life and the parallels that speak to her personally. In all my years of writing, it was different for me. Not to be redundant, it was almost as if you could feel the heart of the author as she shared these touching stories. This book is so good. Peace!