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Five must-haves of the week


Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week

We just went from freezing mornings to summer, just like that. What happened in the spring? And, of course, things are definitely heating up in our industry!

This week we have M&A news from Summit Interconnect, and a variety of columns. Chris Bonsell discusses the lack of preventive maintenance planning in PCB manufacturing, and Kelly Dack presents some solder mask guidelines for PCB designers. Duane Benson helps make sense of the listing process within 50 weeks, and Dan Beaulieu has a great book review on how shareholder policies have caused many of the problems we see in business today. today.

Stay calm!

Summit Interconnect acquires Royal Circuit Solutions and its subsidiaries
Posted May 4

Summit Interconnect continues to expand its operations with the acquisition of Royal Circuits and Advanced Assembly. This expands the company’s flex, rigid-flex, DFA and prototype SMT assembly, and also allows the combined entity to integrate and automate many of its engineering and production capabilities.

The chemical connection: the case of preventive maintenance
Posted May 4

If you ever read Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, you will like this column. You can either perform preventative maintenance on your capital assets or wait for them to break down and then worry about it. According to columnist Chris Bonsell, most board shops prefer the latter, to their detriment. Check it out.

Target Condition: Mandatory Masking Directives
Posted May 4

Let columnist Kelly Dack slip a reference to a children’s story into an article about solder mask guidelines for PCB designers. As Kelly points out, your goal is to reach the Goldilocks area for mask clearance, where all is well. There’s a lot of good information here.

Find solutions in the quote process
Posted May 3

The supply chain situation has improved somewhat, but we are still seeing 50 week lead times for some components. So how do you get an accurate quote at times like these? Duane Benson offers some tips and how software tools can make things a little easier during the quoting process.

Dan’s Biz Bookshelf: A One-Legged Stool – How Shareholder Primacy Broke Business
Posted May 6

It sounds like a book I need to read. As Dan Beaulieu puts it, this book is about the idea that “the philosophy of shareholder economics expounded by Milton Friedman so many decades ago is fundamentally at the root of most of the problems that plague our businesses and our economy today. If, like me, you leave your retirement planner to worry about such things, this book should be on your must-read list.