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From our inbox: Letters to the Editor for the week ending November 5, 2021 | Opinions



I agree 110% with Noozhawk editor Bill Macfadyen’s November 5 column, “The election of Randy Rowse as mayor of Santa Barbara is a matter of time and timing.”

For too long, Santa Barbara’s political leaders have paid more attention to the side issues that matter most to the “extremes”, not those of us in the middle. It has to stop, and I think Rowse will be the mayor to do it.

And the analogy of “customer service” is perfect. Thank you.

Walter Lloyd
Santa barbara

• • •

Thank you, Noozhawk, for the wonderful and informative November 1 article on monarch butterflies in the Goleta region, “Monarch butterflies are slowly coming back to Goleta, but the population is still historically low.”

I fondly remember seeing them many years ago and often wondered what had happened. I was happy to read that improvements are being made for them.

These beautiful butterflies are creatures of God and they deserve a good home.

Diane Thorn

• • •

As architects, it is our responsibility to positively design the built environment in a way that supports the health, safety and well-being of building occupants, respects the natural environment and improves the community in its together.

The American Institute of Architects, Santa Barbara Chapter (AIASB) unequivocally believes that the Munger Residence Hall as proposed at UC Santa Barbara does not meet these requirements and that there is no valid reason to pursue the project as proposed.

Our collective response to this proposal is not a criticism of style, but rather a criticism of the unacceptable and inhuman living conditions which will undoubtedly have a psychological impact on its inhabitants and the community in general.

This project shows a total disregard for the scale and proportion of the building to its immediate surroundings and the negative impact it will have on the community in which it is located.

To function and thrive, we humans depend on the natural environment. We all need clean water, fresh air, and a connection to the circadian rhythms of our environment for good health and mental well-being.

There are countless studies, documented over decades, that demonstrate that buildings, which provide these essentials, produce happier, healthier, more productive and more engaged inhabitants. Connection to our natural environment has profound positive impacts on our moods, stress levels, and psyche.

In addition, the artificial daylight and air ventilation required by the Munger dormitory project do not promote any of these basic essentials and degrade the planet by relying on constant energy consumption.

The UCSB is trying to sell 10 floors of densely populated substandard cells as a “choice” of housing for undergraduates. The reality is that 20% of prospective undergraduates will end up living in substandard housing in Munger Halls because they have no other choice.

Santa Barbara is a city known for its concentrated efforts to preserve, protect and embrace the natural environment and is a world leader in this regard. UCSB is a world-class educational institution known for its environmental leadership and has been recognized at the highest level for its achievements in the fields of science, the arts, environmental protection and research.

We urge UCSB to seek and encourage buildings that respect the natural environment, contribute to the community, and support the health, safety and well-being of students at the highest level. Munger Residence Hall, as proposed, does not meet these objectives at any level.

We are grateful to architect Dennis McFadden for his service on the university’s design review committee and for opposing this project. The AIASB strongly agrees with McFadden and the many other voices of opposition, and urges the UCSB to take immediate action to stop and reconsider this project in its entirety.

Tai Yeh, AIA, President of AIASB 2021
Steve Aldana, AIA partner
Joe Andrulaitis, AIA
Vandhana Balachandran, AIA partner
Matt Beausoleil, AIA
Laura Bénard, AIA
Ellen Bildsten, AIA
Thierry Cassan, AIA
Margaret Cherney, AIA
Cassandra Ensberg, FAIA
Karen Feeney, Honorary AIA
Steven Fort, AICP
Alayna Fraser, AIA
Amy Gallina, AIA partner
Tim Gorter, AIA
Dwight Gregory, AIA
Juan Heras, AIA partner
Brian Hofer, AIA
Bob Klammer, AIA
Dave Mendro, AIA
Kent Mixon, AIA
Susette Naylor, AIA
Jacob Niksto, AIA
Alisa Oberjuerge, AIA partner
Robert Ooley, FAIA, Vice President of Government Relations
Detty Peikert, AIA
Laurel Fisher Perez, President and Senior Planner, Suzanne Elledge Planning & Permitting Services Inc.
Andrew Petrovsky, AIA
Paul Poirier, AIA
Ken Radtkey FAIA
Keith Rivera, AIA
Paul Rupp, AIA
Jeremy White, AIA
Joe Wilcox, AIA

Santa barbara

• • •

Noozhawk editor Bill Macfadyen boasts that his newspaper is “impartial” – while also publishing weekly columns of religious lunatics highlighting their one-sided views on “faith,” whatever that means.

If Noozhawk is to be taken seriously as a so-called source of information, he must end the relentless promotion of Christianity. There is surely something else to report.

David duffy

• • •

I will not support Noozhawk until he allows / promotes the publication of counterpoints to Jim Langley’s ridiculous comments on “Faith”. Letters to the Editor are not enough to compensate for the absurd religious “views” expounded by Langley and published by Noozhawk.

Objective journalism is sorely lacking.

Jim britsch
Santa barbara

• • •

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Noozhawk published Judy Foreman’s Oct. 31 column, “Congressman Adam Schiff Has the Book on Donald Trump.”

Schiff has been a peerless and pragmatic investigator of the most corrupt politician of our time, former President Donald Trump, and all Americans should thank him for exposing his lies and plots.

Hope we haven’t heard the latest from Schiff.

Alex richard
Santa barbara

• • •

Is Noozhawk crazy? How can you get your Home & Lifestyle columnist to script the worst liar and self-promoter other than President Donald Trump ever to be in power?

Rep. Adam Schiff has been proven to have lied on many points about Trump. I don’t like Trump myself, but Schiff has repeatedly made baseless claims. Disliking Trump is not an outright forgiveness for lying for a political game.

There is nothing “journalistic” about this play. The silly photo of Foreman proudly holding “his new page turner” is proof enough.

Schiff is a worthless blviator. And Judy Foreman is obviously a gullible jerk.

Santa barbara

• • •

Regarding the weekly columns of Noozhawk editor Bill Macfadyen and his continuing tracker of so-called “hostages” in Afghanistan: Americans were told they would have to leave months before the collapse. They chose to stay. They now have to live with their choices.

Dan Waterhouse

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