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Gretel Ehrlich to present the main talk of Sheep Tales Gathering


SUN VALLEY – The Trailing of the Sheep Festival, taking place October 6-10 in Idaho’s Wood River Valley, is proud to feature acclaimed author and essayist Gretel Ehrlich as the keynote speaker for her Sheep Tales Gathering. She will speak on Friday, October 8e at 7 p.m. at the Argyros Theater in Ketchum, Idaho.

Ehrlich will share the stories of his travels and his deeply personal concern for friends and people around the world who are losing their traditional ties to the land due to climate chaos. Their experiences fill his new book “Unsoled: on the way to all that is. After the reading, Jenny Emery Davidson, Executive Director of the Ketchum Community Library, will join Gretel to discuss her experiences and the writing of this book.

To search for answers, she travels landscapes from the arctic to Zimbabwe and more. Intensely, she listens to stories and travels through threatened landscapes that flourished only a few years ago. She spends time with friends and experts mapping ice flows in Greenland and researching innovative ideas on Allan Savory’s healthy pastures in Africa. She is determined to understand what is at stake for the future.

Ehrlich’s first awareness of the beauty and intricacies of our changing world began during his living, transformative cowboy days in Wyoming and can be found in his first publication in 1985, “The consolation of open spaces. The book is a collection of essays on rural life in Wyoming. His new book “Unsolated: on the way to all that is”Was called a bookend at the first publication.

Ehrlich’s presentation is part of a series of special events to celebrate the 25e anniversary year.

But Friday night’s program is unique, according to Festival co-founder and artistic director Diane Peavey. “Stories and oral histories are at the heart of the Trailing of the Sheep Festival,” she explained. “The weekend is an annual celebration of folk and traditional art, history, heritage and cultures of Idaho and the West. People have always shared their stories with their family, friends and tribe.

Peavey noted that “the purpose of the Sheep Tales Gathering is to share from the stage those stories and experiences that explain the culture and landscapes of the house and the life and commitment to raising and raising sheep in the region. ‘Idaho. And during this evening with Gretel, we take this exploration a little further. His experiences are unique and provocative, and we come away exposed to new and important information about our own life. “

“That’s the importance of storytelling,” added Peavey. “We extend our vision and broaden our responses to the world around us by sharing ideas, listening to each other and learning from each other. “