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Hades Fan comic receives stamp of approval from Supergiant Games


A fan-made digital Hades comic recently took to Twitter, in part because it was praised by Supergiant Games.

A meticulously crafted digital comic based on Underworld just won the respect of the developer Supergiant games. The short graphic novel is just one of many tributes to the best-selling indie roguelike game, which was recently released to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles with great success.

In Hell, players assume the role of Zagreus, a besieged son of the Greek god of the underworld, Hades. The base game loop takes the form of a traditional roguelike structure, with players weaving their way through semi-randomly generated sets of arenas that build on top of each other. Something that fixes Underworld apart, however, is its history; Zagreus has decided to flee the underworld long before the player starts the game for the first time, which gives his fight a sense of perpetuity. This strong characterization of the player character helped make the game’s story a hit with audiences – it even beat out other narrative games like The Last of Us Part II for Game of the Year at events like SXSW.

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A creative and detailed fan-made comic entitled “First flight“, which chronicles Zagreus’ initial decision to flee his father’s oppressive embrace. The story got a huge boost earlier this week when Supergiant games, the studio behind Underworld, gave him an enthusiastic endorsement via Twitter. The graphic novel was designed by an illustrator named Liana, who has hinted that others Underworld-Fan comics may arrive in the future.

This comic does a great job capturing both the vibrant visual style of Underworld and Zagreus’ vulnerable but arrogant attitude. That said, this incarnation of the character is significantly less confident than the more familiar version, likely due to this comic’s position as a prequel. Fans know it takes seemingly countless races to beat Hell, so seeing this imagination of Zagreus at the start of his journey is really interesting.

This fan’s comic book highlights Hell ‘ robust and sprawling story and extremely nuanced central character; it all goes to show that the game could be a perfect fit for a future graphic novel or an animated series. Maybe the game’s developers could warm up to the idea of ​​adapting Underworld to other media down the line. Even though Supergiant Games’ Tweet was just friendly support, it’s always good to know that the developers appreciate the creations made by the fans.

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Source: Supergiants Games / Twitter

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