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Halo Takes Center Stage in New Paramount+ Mountaintop Ad


The Paramount+ streaming service is all-inclusive on Halo as he kicks off 2022, a point that was made abundantly clear with his brand new Mountaintop ad. The “Mountain of Entertainment” has released several commercials since its launch featuring characters from its popular franchises gathering on a mountain. The new edition of Sunday’s commercial series continues the star-studded tradition, but they all come together to pay homage to Halo.

The latest Paramount+ ad features characters from star trek, Beavis and Butthead, South Park, The good fight, Sponge Bob SquarePants, and many other franchises gathered around a fire. Most characters hum the iconic Halo unison theme song. Renew 911! star Thomas Lennon goes so far as to confirm that it is the Halo agree by talking to Me, Carlyby Miranda Cosgrove. The last character of the announcement is Halo‘s Master Chief, shaking his head as he passed the camp. You can check it out below!

Master Chief and the beloved buzz aren’t the only pieces of Halo lore packed in new Paramount+ ad. When the Paramount logo appears on screen, a Covenant ship flies across the screen as everything turns blue.

The Paramount+ ad was released shortly after the official Halo trailer, which gave fans their first in-depth look at the highly anticipated TV series. Arrival in March, Halo will act as one of Paramount+’s flagship TV shows going forward, alongside the Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan spin-off shows.

Halo will take place in what is called the Silver Timeline, which is separate from all events in the video games, allowing the series to have freedom with its story.

“Basically, we want to use the existing Halo lore, story, canon, and characters wherever they make sense for a linear narrative, but also separate the two distinctly so as not to invalidate the base canon or do unnatural things to force a video game first-person in an ensemble TV show,” Halo franchise creative director Frank O’Connor of the show’s Silver Timeline recently said. “The game’s canon and its extended lore in the novels , comics and other outlets are essential, original and will continue uninterrupted as long as we do Halo Games.”

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