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Hamilton & Matron’s FEARBOOK CLUB reveals the spooky side of college


Next month, AfterShock Comics will be released Fearbook Club, the latest entry in the Seismic Press publisher’s imprint of graphic novels for young readers. The book, about students at a college yearbook club encountering ghosts and other supernatural events, comes from the writer’s creative team Richard ashley hamilton, artist Marco matron, and letterer Dave sharpe. Today Rhythm is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the book ahead of its release.

here’s how After the shock describe Fearbook Club:

When shy shutter Whit Garcia enters college, he’s forced to join a directory club with three other bonkers who will never be voted “most likely to succeed.” But after the ghosts of the missing students begin to haunt them, Whit, Hester, Hillary, and Press must unravel the supernatural secret behind these spirits – or their yearbook club will be voted the most likely to join them.

But are these ghostly students the real bad guys? Or are they just warning Whit and her friends? Warning them of a darkness beyond their schoolyard… a darkness that threatens to engulf the school – and its occupants – entire.

In a statement at the time Fearbook Club was first announced, writer Richard Ashley Hamilton described how his own personal experiences and fears as a college student influenced the creation of the graphic novel:

“On a personal note, I feel like I also undermined a lot of the fears I faced when I was in college – not fitting in, not being special, never being noticed by people. daughters or anyone else for that matter – as well as the fears that my wife and I now face as parents. When our sons entered elementary school, the principal asked us to write “letters of comfort”. Basically you have to express how you want your kids to stay calm in times of crisis – like an earthquake or an active shooter situation – but also anything you want to say to your son or daughter in case you don’t. would never see again.

These comfort letters are by far the most difficult things I have ever had to write, and they really speak to this culture of fear we all live in. It would be great if Fearbook Club could teach our readers some skills to survive and maybe even thrive with all this fear. “

Discover an overview of Fearbook Club, including X exclusive pages to Rhythm, below. The 112-page graphic novel will be released in bookstores on Wednesday January 5 and in bookstores on Tuesday January 18.