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Harley Quinn’s Worst Costume Comes From DC’s Worst Joker


While DC’s Harley Quinn is known for her amazing outfits, she’s encountered some not-so-great ones that she thankfully chose not to wear.

There are many versions of the Joker in DC Comics, but one of the worst is responsible for providing harley quinn with the worst suit. The YA Graphic Novel Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass features the titular heroine with a major style choice. She may be wearing the worst outfit anyone has ever presented to her or she may be wearing something completely different.

Harley’s fashion sense is iconic and it’s no wonder why. She makes bold decisions, stays true to herself, and keeps things fresh, while maintaining classic pieces. Harley’s easy to spot in a comical crowd, and her wardrobe is super versatile. However, not all of Harley’s potential outfits are as great as her classic harlequin costume or her extensive comic book and movie selections.


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Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass features several new costumes for the titular heroine, including an excruciating one, which she chooses not to wear. This graphic novel has the creative team of Mariko Tamaki, Steve Pugh and Carlos M. Mangual. This DC Ink story features a particular version of the Joker, who isn’t as interesting or entertaining as the original – and his fashion taste is even worse! However, this is all part of his plan to humiliate and blame Harley. Luckily, she doesn’t accept this Joker’s gift for the occasion, which is a skimpy red and black outfit.

While the elements of this outfit are very cute (like the skirt) and some aspects might match Harley’s aesthetic, the combination of them and the person gifting them makes for an absolutely atrocious look. This outfit is deliberately meant to make Harley seem absurd as the teenager is meant to distract adult guards from a company. The thought process behind it and the wicked intent of it is disgusting and it’s definitely an outfit Harley shouldn’t wear. Luckily, Harley doesn’t find it practical and she decides she’d rather wear something else – an outfit of her own creation.

The Joker did some very abusive things to Harley and the way he used her was just disgusting. Even though the Joker’s version of this story is far from the norm and their typical relationship is non-existent, his desire to humiliate him is still present, along with a hefty dose of misogyny. Instead of going through this Joker’s form of distraction, she chooses her own plan: be an acrobatic fighter to forcibly move the guards out of her way. Harley is known to be a fierce adversary, so creating an outfit that shows off those skills while showcasing her own style is a much better decision. With a few tweaks and a change of focus, this outfit COULD have some potential. Otherwise, it’s just an atrocious outfit designed to humiliate, while employing a misogynistic perspective to do so. harley quinn is more than a beautiful young woman with an incredible suits; she’s a fighter who deserves more respect than DC Comics Joker was never willing to give it to him.

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