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It’s your turn, on December 12: carry on, Cary!


I laughed throughout Cary Clack’s column on the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (Other Views, December 5). I read it as ironic and funny. With all the serious news, all the time, it was nice to have a light column that makes you smile.

So, being full of the Christmas spirit, I said, “Carry on as you are, Cary!” God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas!

Randy G. Whitworth

The rational center

Given the state of our political situation in Texas, our only hope of achieving any semblance of sanity is the election of such people as former Speaker of the House Joe Straus and State Representative Lyle Larson, ethical and upright moderates. As a native Texan and, admittedly, a center-left, I would absolutely appreciate their reasonable positions on the issues.

It is incredibly sad that the “good” Republicans have been kicked out of the party. While I understand their reluctance to come forward against people like Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton, my fervent wish is that they do so and bring Texas back to rationality.

Nancy powlas

Insurgency party

US Senator John Cornyn: What a sad and shameful fate this Republican Party has become. Your party. The insurrection party. The party of lies and disinformation. The party of hypocrisy. The anti-democratic party is working to crack down on the vote nationally. The party rejecting the January 6 insurgency as a simple walk in the park.

No matter what you and your colleagues do for the rest of your political career, they will always be marred by your lack of leadership, moral courage, and shameful abandonment of the American democracy you refuse to defend.

Pamela wessel

Shame on NEISD

Re: “NEISD removes books cited by lawmaker”, homepage, Tuesday:

Of all the headlines I’ve read over the past year, the most disturbing is the one on the North East ISD examining the relevance of 400 books in its school libraries. The elected Republicans of Texas fear a well-educated population. This is particularly evident in their blatant efforts to ban books in schools.

An analysis of the books on this list by Danika Ellis, an author of Book Riot, shows that 62% of the books refer to homosexual or transgender people or issues.

As a gay man who suffered considerable discrimination and rejection at the University of Texas years ago, I am dismayed that 70 years after US Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed to have a list of known Communists, the NEISD would have yielded to the cowardly outrages of someone like State Representative Matt Krause and our illustrious Governor.

As a proud graduate of Lee High School, Class of 65, and as a student personally mentored by great educator Virgil Blossom, it is so disturbing that the District is participating in this information suppression effort.

Young adults, straight and gay alike, need more information about LGBTQ issues, not less. This lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons the youth suicide rate is highest among gay and trans youth.

The NEISD administration and board should be ashamed of themselves.

G. Sterling Zinsmeyer

Much worse on the web

Re: “NEISD removes books cited by lawmaker”, homepage, Tuesday:

Oh please. It is almost laughable that some school districts and parents try to ban books that might offend the delicate sensibilities of their children.

If you really want to prevent them from seeing offensive content then ban them from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and a dozen websites where they are exposed to things far more offensive than anything they could see. in a book. Teens today can see much worse than LGTBQ content just by logging onto the web – things like racism, bullying, hate speech, and intolerance. What are parents and schools doing about it?

Shirley moehring

Not a bottomless pit

Re: “Board Bubbles Over CPS Rate Demand,” Business, December 2:

I find it ironic that the city council opposes CPS Energy’s rate hike proposal, but in an SA Inc. article by Diego Mendoza-Moyers on November 28, “CPS Energy’s Lower Payment to Town Boasted,” the same city council appeared to be opposed to reducing the city’s capture of CPS.

If there was a bottomless pit, all problems could be solved, but ultimately taxpayers fund CPS, and we are not a bottomless pit. City council is in place to provide guidelines that give everyone a fair shot, but it cannot have it both ways.

Richard rising

Pay it directly

The December 5 letter “Run, Joe, run!” Writer’s name misspelled. It’s Ron Bravenec.