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Lemire and Sorrentino describe plans for ‘Myth of the Bone Orchard’ – Multiversity Comics



Going through Sub stack, Jeff Lemire presented the plans for his recently teased horror project along with Andrea Sorrentino’s, “The Bone Orchard Mythos”. A range of interconnected comic book series and original graphic novels published by Image, ‘The Bone Orchard Mythos’ will begin with a free comic day next year and continue in:

– “The Passageway”, a 100 page hardcover graphic novel, released in the summer of 2022.

– “Ten thousand black feathers”, a mini-series of 6 to 8 issues, starting in the fall of 2022.

– “Tenement”, another hardcover graphic novel, due out mid-2023.

No plot details for any of the books have been given yet, although Lemire pointed out that “they all take place in the” same world “and add to the overall mythology, but will also tell all their stories. own unique and self-contained stories “. He and Sorrentino plan to continue the “Mythos” with “two or three new books every year for the next few years”.

The project is the latest collaboration between Lemire and Sorrentino, who first worked together on “Green Arrow” in DC in 2012. Since then, they have collaborated on Image on the horror series “Gideon Falls” and The Book of sci-fi “Primordial”, set to end with its sixth issue in February. Sorrentino commented that each of these books is “just imbued with such a mood and a scary atmosphere that is so good to work with.” and that “I’m totally excited it’s now in the world. I promise we’ll all have fun with this.”

The ‘Mythos’ begins with a 20-page story about Free Comic Book Day, which falls next year on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Lemire promises that he “will start posting lots of previews here on my sub-stack.” as we get closer. at launch next year. See you in the dark.