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Letter to the editor: Our rights cannot be violated for the “common good”


Afraid of needles? No, fear of the Nazis.

Scott Estill’s opinion piece “Afraid of Needles” is exactly the kind of vitriolic and hateful nonsense that keeps us divided and fearful. Dripping with ad hominems and disdainful, reductionist labels, it does not do science justice. He uses it for his political agenda. He should take Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ book “Dissolving Illusions”, because he has a lot about vaccinations.

Throughout history, the phrase “the common good” has been used as an excuse to commit the most heinous crimes against humanity. Be careful any time overbearing lackeys start trying to convince you that your individual rights are unimportant. The right to bodily autonomy is the most fundamental of all human rights and you cannot punish us for using it. The point is, our rights do not come from the government. They don’t even come from the Constitution. Our rights are inherent, God-given, natural and inalienable (you would think a lawyer would know). We created the Constitution to protect our individual rights. So, no, they cannot be removed for the so-called “common good”.

When the history books reflect on this backward and backward fall into discrimination and segregation, I hope people will resolve to never again turn their backs on the founding principles of this republic by denying scientific debate, by reducing humans to walking vectors of disease, refusing to learn from history and become useful idiots.

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