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Letters to the Editor – August 25, 2021



The problem: Andrew Cuomo’s last speech as he stepped down over allegations of sexual harassment.

Anyone who saw former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s farewell speech on Monday must have had a huge laugh (“Creep describes himself as a ‘martyr’, August 24). Maybe he has a future as an actor.

As usual, the ex-governor presented himself as a victim – when in fact he was accused of sexual harassment and was implicated in the deaths of many elderly patients in nursing homes.

I didn’t see the ex-governor put his mother in one of the nursing homes he forced to accept COVID patients.

Not to mention that he deliberately underreported the numbers on COVID deaths in nursing homes. Isn’t this man ashamed?

Now he leaves at sunset and gets a big pension. Maybe he’ll write another book. I know I won’t buy it.

Walter williams

History was written by New York’s first female governor, Kathy Hochul.

I welcome Hochul. She’s a local New Yorker. And given her political experience, she is fit to rule with majesty and efficiency.

The challenges ahead for Hochul are many in this post-pandemic time of economic loss and crime. Will it bring unity, prosperity and peace to New York?

Hochul is governor by default, Cuomo having resigned. I look forward to the day when a woman is elected Governor of New York State.

Susan marie davniero

Oh, the ignominy of the mighty Cuomo. A narcissistic control freak has fallen into the political abyss of chess and crooks.

Its real neglect was not to protect the people of New York during the riots of last year, during the so-called “peaceful protests”.

This was a complete criminal repeal of his duties, but it has apparently faded from the news and from the consciousness of New Yorkers battling the pandemic.

This error, as well as his signing of the law “without bond”, should land him in the cell next to Harvey Weinstein.

Sonny Lapilotta
Saratoga Springs

The disgraced governor of New York spent his entire farewell speech explaining that it wasn’t what he did, it was what he said now that mattered.

But towards the end, he had the nerve to say: “It’s not what we say in life that counts. This is what we do. This begs the question: how dumb does Cuomo think we are?

Charles Howland
Summerville, South Carolina

Before the sun sets over Cuomo Governorate, let’s remember one of its pre-COVID atrocities.

Prior to the start of 2019, if a pregnant woman was murdered and her unborn child died, those were two counts of murder.

But under the leadership of Democrats in general, and Cuomo in particular, it’s now just one murder charge.

This hostility to human life in its most vulnerable stages reappeared a year later in Cuomo’s orders that affected the elderly trapped in nursing homes. He was and is the walking embodiment of what Pope John Paul II called “the culture of death”.

Jerry Cunningham
Stratford, Connecticut.

Cuomo leaves in the middle of a river of crocodile tears, with his colossal ego. Goodbye; we are all better off.

Doctor Ludemann
Bridgeport, Connecticut.

It’s only fitting that the man who couldn’t be elected Dog Catcher now, dishonored the ex-governor. Cuomo, would leave his dog Captain behind (“Dog Gone”, August 24).

Until the end, that fountain of emphasis barked on how badly he had been done by all of his accusers.

In his farewell speech, the one who covered up the facts about COVID deaths in nursing and rehabilitation homes had the audacity to say: “The facts always count.” They sure do, but the facts have never been on the side of the nursing home grim reaper.

James hyland

Well, at least Cuomo didn’t drop his dog Captain off at a nursing home.

Jacques Lautier
Windsor, Connecticut.

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