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Letters to the Editor, March 13 | national news


Russian vodka

I have a question. Why is the liquor store removing Russian vodka brands from the shelves? These, I assume, have already been purchased and paid for. Russian companies have already been paid and have their money. By withdrawing them, the State will not be able to recoup the cost. Selling them now will not harm Russia only the state. You could say that’s the principle, bush wah. You perform by not buying more and not by not selling what you have already bought and paid for.

Jim Price


Removal of voters

Voter suppression bills must fail. I am a 17 year old student who is excited to soon have the opportunity to vote. HB692 and HB693 make voting unnecessarily difficult and are direct attacks on the already safe and secure democratic voting process in Idaho. HB692 completely overhauls the Idaho election process. If passed, this bill will impose numerous bureaucratic hurdles that will make it difficult for election officials, election judges and county clerks to do their jobs and ruffle the upcoming primaries in May. It is irresponsible to enact such drastic legislation within two months of a crucial election. Ballot boxes are an important and secure method of voting, but HB693 aims to ban them. This bill will limit many citizens’ access to the vote. It’s a misguided attempt to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. If lawmakers are really concerned about ballot box security, they might as well ban all public mailboxes. Tell your legislators to reject House Bills 692 and 693.

Amaia Clayton


“Stop being afraid of books”

As a teacher, school counselor and citizen of Idaho. I am very concerned about what will happen if Bill 666 passes. One of the most important things we can give our children is a sense of belonging. It is important for a young person to see their life experience reflected in the pages of a book. So many of us who are white and of the cis gender take this for granted. But can you imagine never seeing yourself reflected in a book? I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a large and diverse library of books for ALL of our children. We want our children to read, but why would a child want to read if they have never seen their own experience reflected on these pages.

We all lose when we don’t have access to a diverse library. How are we going to begin to understand the experience of others if we don’t have books to tell their story. Let’s stop being afraid of books and instead celebrate their diversity and our own.

Kris Paulson


Sales tax increase is a “tax change”

Raising Idaho’s sales tax to 7.95% to fund property tax relief for homeowners would clearly be a tax change, no matter what House Bill 741 sponsors say. As usual , the biggest individual hit will be to Idahoans in the lower income brackets, who don’t own their homes and who spend most of their income on food, rent and basic necessities like toilet paper. Continuing to tax food at nearly 8% and only offering a rebate to taxpayers who request it and only after paying the food surcharge throughout the previous year is unreasonable.

Before raising its sales tax again, Idaho must honor working people by raising the minimum wage, exempting groceries from sales tax and injecting real money into the Housing Trust Fund. Our senators and state representatives need to hear from all of us.

Darcy James


Education aid

It was with great dismay and surprise that I realized that Putin would not respond to the request of the Idaho House of Representatives to withdraw from Ukraine!! The nerve of this guy !! I thought that when he received the message from our representatives in Idaho, he would immediately withdraw his troops to Russia. Also, the House feels like being last of all states in education is a good thing, after all, the bedrock of all structures is a solid foundation. Maybe someone from our school board could explain to them, nicely, that this is not true. Get back to what you were elected to do, to take care of the health of this state by helping with education.

Keith Briggs


“Crisis of public education”

Here is an idea that could help us solve the public education crisis. Like the return to the secular practice of apprenticeship that takes place in certain trades, what would you say to a revival of the career of governess? Families with a large house, or a small back house, could provide room and board and a salary for a well-behaved and knowledgeable young (or older) woman, who would educate her children at home and in the city. This would greatly help the consenting wife and allow the children to avoid the moral, social and intellectual quicksand of public schools. The state might even subsidize such a program and colleges offer courses. Children should certainly be allowed to join school sports teams, groups, competitions, wherever the governess would lead them. The abundant home-schooling materials and comprehensive study programs available on the market today, as well as the many home-schooling co-ops, would make his work quite feasible. (When the lady finally got married and moved away, she could have her contract renegotiated and continue working until her job as a governess was finished.)

Marcia Yiapan


“Mudicial Justice” in the Legislative Assembly

Vigilant justice is alive and well in the Idaho Legislature! SB1309 (which I call the Brood Mare Bill) is a horrible intrusion into a citizen’s life. It is designed to take away a woman’s ability to make one of the most personal decisions imaginable and force her to carry a pregnancy to term, regardless of her circumstances. H666 and H675 are blatant attacks on parental rights. Apparently, legislators know more about what materials a child should be exposed to than parents, not to mention librarians should decide what someone else’s child can read. H675 suppresses a parent’s ability to support their child in one of the most personal and emotional situations they can face with their child, gender-affirming treatment. Regardless of what readers personally think of any of these three issues, just acknowledge that this is government excess and intrusion, and something you really care about could be the next.

Mary Lockhart


“Transforming Idaho into Florida”

Recently, there has been talk of encouraging independent voters to change their voter registration to Republican to vote in the closed Republican primary, in a bid to save the Republican Party from itself.

A few weeks later, a poll was taken in Idaho regarding protective measures against the pandemic. Half of voting-age Idahoans were anti-mask and anti-vax, fully embracing the Trump, GOP, Fox News, Idaho Freedom Foundation, MAGA, QAnon, and Russian disinformation and anti-science Covid campaigns.

So not much chance of saving the party, either in Primary or in November.

Meanwhile, the people they elected, from school boards to city councils and county boards to the Legislature and other offices, are turning Idaho into Florida or Northwest Texas.

Dallas Pursuit


Librarian’s invoice

Will Idaho librarians be arrested if they allow a child to borrow the Bible? Lots of blood and sex in there.

jack pit