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Letters to the editor of Index-Tribune, November 28, 2021


Help the homeless

EDITOR: Glad to see so much coverage on our homeless population lately. The way some people describe it, you’d think we didn’t have a problem here. I was shocked to read that we have 200

“precarious” people in the Valley (“Where do the homeless go in a storm?”December 24).

With so many people in need, I’m glad we have two homeless organizations in town doing so much good. It’s good that they each have their own approach to caring for people and that so many needs are met.

There is still a lot of work to be done. I am happy to see that we have knowledgeable and capable people working on this issue locally. I hope they can find strength in each other and in their community in 2022.

Good year!

Marie Francoise

Boyes Hot Springs

Is the emperor naked?

EDITOR: This is in response to “Conservative Voices Welcome” (November 16, 2021).

With regard to immunization mandates, there are two groups. The first group seems to believe what they are told and just want to be guided.

The second group prefers to verify what they are skeptical about. They believe in personal freedom. They believe that the “tribal badge” of masking helps amplify everyone’s fear and promotes division and splitting up.

President Biden reminds me of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The questions in the book were about self-deception, conformity and obedience to authority. In the end, it took a child of common sense to shatter everyone’s illusion, just shouting the truth, the Emperor is naked! Each person had a complex moral dilemma. Should they speak the truth and accept their own inadequacy? Or lie and save yourself from social ridicule? President Biden is our own dilemma, is he cognitive enough to be our president, or is there a child in each of us eager to scream empty naked costume?

Vaccine propaganda is presented as the only option by Big Pharma and their spokesperson, Dr Fauci. The building blocks of our immunity are viruses and bacteria. If you take shelter from natural wildlife, you increase the risk of opportunistic infections. COVID will continue to mutate as any virus will tell you. Relying on and injecting poorly tested vaccines is delusional in the long run.

I recommend Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s bestseller “The Real Anthony Fauci”.

Good year.

MD Coleman


SDC for vets?

EDITOR: The Sonoma Developmental Center would make a great rehab hospital for veterans. A nicer one than Bethesda Maryland Hospital. Recognizing what is happening to our soldiers would make us less hesitant to fight.

This could be a truly wonderful medical facility, located in scenic Sonoma wine country. Doctors around the world could do six-month rotations. World-class chefs could prepare fantastic dishes for patients.

There could be hydrotherapy pools and a prosthetic lab. Doctors, nurses, students and patients from all over the world could come and enjoy the beautiful California weather.

The Sonoma Rehabilitation Center could be a world class healing center as well as a training center. There could be operating theaters and this could be facilitated with the help of major medical schools and hospitals. We could do something really nice for people who have been injured and need rehabilitation.

We don’t need more houses. We don’t need more traffic. A compassionate facility that provides health care to our veterans would show an integration between the actions and consequences of the military industrial complex.

It would be in the best interests of all concerned. We can recognize our compassion. Take care of our people.

Eric Heine

Glen ellen