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Letters to the Editor – Peng Shuai, Texas Public Education, Teacher Unions, FCC


This is California, watchdog

Subject: “Abbott plays it safe on stumps”, by Dave Lieber, Friday Metro & Business column.

Surely Lieber can’t be serious when he comments on Governor Greg Abbott’s unofficial campaign slogan, “Keep Texas Texas,” asking in disbelief, “Keep Texas the way it is so we don’t become Utah? “

No, idiot! So we don’t become California! To quote one of President Joe Biden’s favorite lines, “Come on man!”

Georges Potter, Keller

To the right, to the right

As Governor Greg Abbott’s political positions become increasingly extreme, his Republican opponents find it increasingly difficult to position themselves to his right.

Bruce Rasmussen, Dallas/Buckner Terrace

Worried about Peng Shuai

Where is Peng Shuai? There are two possible answers – safe and sound, the Chinese response (and a Chinese company is a major sponsor of the Australian Tennis Open), or missing and in danger, the opinion of many people. Even the World Tennis Association is worried.

There are many who ask, but apparently it is against the conditions of your entry ticket to ask this to the tournament, as several people found out when they posed the question using messages on a t- shirt and a banner. A tennis organization should organize tennis matches, not have the police and security take away people’s T-shirts. The tennis tournament has already faced controversy with the expulsion of Novak Djokovic.

Far more serious is the attempt to shut down free speech at the tournament. People should speak up to condemn the attack on the right to free speech.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

Texas shouldn’t pay for picks

I’m interested in Governor Greg Abbott’s growing “school choice” agenda and exactly what it means. Ninety percent of Texas children are in the state’s public school system. Despite many high performing public schools, the quality of the school, as well as what parents want for their child, varies.

My children’s school years and my teaching career were spent in public and independent schools – educational settings we thought were suitable for every child at the time, some requiring tuition fees. It’s a separate issue from the state’s responsibility to provide a strong public education system, and the Texas system is failing too many children. This is where Abbott and the Legislative Assembly should focus their time and energy.

As a parent, I did what I could to find the “best” schools for my children, but it was certainly not the government’s responsibility to help me pay for those choices. Such an approach does not solve the central problem: our public education system is among the worst ranked in the country, for US News and World Report. Texas children and families deserve better. usnews.com/news/best-states/rankings/education

Cathy Murphree, Richardson

Abbott interferes in schools

Several stories speak of the stress and burnout of teachers in Texas. There are not enough teachers and substitutes due to COVID-19. Many school districts are having to close for days at a time due to the spread of COVID-19 among students and teachers.

Teachers are the ones who hold it together. Meanwhile, you’d think Governor Greg Abbott would support teachers and ask what he can do to help. Instead, it offers more work for teachers. He calls for the Parents’ Bill of Rights. He says parents should be the main decision-makers in all areas in schools.

Does it mean writing the curriculum? Telling teachers what they can/cannot say, disciplining students, setting up tryouts for the school play? He wants every educational tool to be listed online by teachers.

Does this include all books read to first graders, all resources and websites used by the teacher? Is Abbott aware that the schedule is already posted online for K-12? This is called Essential Texas Knowledge and Skills.

Abbott needs to focus on the power grid, property tax reform and not wasting taxpayers’ money.

Audrey PincuDallas

Where was FCC?

Re: “American: 5G caused problems – Expansion blamed for delays, but regional airports saw worse”, January 1 article from Metro & Business,

The Federal Communications Commission is responsible for allocating the use of the radio frequency spectrum in such a way as to prevent interference from various users. For example, radio stations are assigned frequency slots and power limitations so that stations do not broadcast over each other.

So why do we now have an air traffic safety problem because some of the 5G frequency bands are interfering with aircraft altimeter radio signals? Is this just the latest result of this every-man/institution-for-itself attitude that seems to be sweeping the country, or has the FCC dropped the ball on this one?

Ernie Stokely, Far North Dallas

The draw decides

Why bother playing overtime in NFL playoff games? Everyone knows the outcome as soon as the coin is tossed.

Gay McGuire, Dallas/Lake Highlands

It’s not just babies

Abortion – it affects me and matters to me. A person knowing that I am 81 years old, a widow, having undergone a post-operative hysterectomy at 31 years old after three children, asked me “Why do you care? It doesn’t affect you? »

It’s not just babies! It is about the human rights of women in this republic that we call a democracy. Roe vs. Wade must stay up!

Rose Kimball, Far North Dallas

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