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Letters to the Editor – Readers Comment on the Texan Nominees of the Year



Hank was their hero

Re: “John R. Erickson – Beloved Children’s Book Author Has Diversified This Year,” December 20 editorial.

When we hosted John Erickson for a recent book signing, entire families showed up. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “Hank the Cowdog has changed my life. Or, “Hank the Cowdog saved my life.”

They went on to say that they weren’t interested in reading when they were kids, but then they read a Hank novel and got hooked. They became avid readers and better students, went to college or work, had families, introduced their children to Hank, and their children discovered the joy of reading.

What a legacy for a true Texas literary hero.

Glenn Dromgoole, Abilene

Texas’ strange electric car laws

Re: “Elon Musk – Tesla CEO, SpaceX invested a fortune in Texas while seeking the stars,” editorial, Dec. 21.

Congratulations, Mr. Musk. It’s an impressive list of activities in Texas. So I wonder why you can walk down Cedar Springs Road, test drive a Tesla, place your order, and have a nice young man drive you your new car in a few weeks. The same young man doesn’t want to be a burden, so he brings an Uber back to work.

The only problem is that the state of Texas has a rebate program offering $ 7,500 in rebates for the purchase of electric vehicles. Tesla, of course, is not on the list of approved vehicles. Apparently, only vehicles sold in Texas qualify for this discount. Since showrooms that offer test drives and marketing services are not categorized as dealers, they are not eligible for a discount.

What’s even more bizarre is that when Tesla models start assembling on the Travis County assembly line, they won’t even be sold in Texas for the same reason. You can, however, buy an electric vehicle from a long list of foreign manufacturers. You can even buy one of the excellent new Ford Mustang Mach Es.

The only problem is that some of these wonderful dealers would have charged a market adjustment fee of $ 15,000. Welcome to Texas.

Gregory Stephenson, Lancaster

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