Loan 10000 euros: free estimate and calculation of installment payday loans with and without paychecks


 Let’s find out the main features of the 10,000 euro loans. All you need to know about the forms of financing offered by the main companies. We will see how to request a personal loan of 10,000 euros with and without paychecks, with the required requirements. Finally, how to request a free quote online with the calculation tables for the best banks.

Payday loan of 10,000 euros: how to receive it with or without a paycheck

Payday loan of 10,000 euros: how to receive it with or without a paycheck

If you are looking for a € 10,000 loan, then the solution for you is the personal loan. This option is aimed at wider customers, as it is a non-finalized form of loan. Unlike consumer credit, which can be requested at the time of purchase of a good or service, in this case we will not have to specify the cost that we intend to deal with the money we will receive. For this reason, more and more customers choose this solution that is offered by all major banks and financial institutions. Let’s see what are the main features of this form of financing and why it may be convenient to choose it.

First of all, let’s start with the sum we can receive. Usually, the maximum threshold that is financed with personal loans is set at 30,000 euros, even if some banks also reach 60,000 euros. In any case, the sum of 10,000 euros is not very high and therefore most likely we will not find any problems at the time of the request. Requirements, especially when the amount requested is 10,000 euros, as in our case, are not too restrictive as is the case with other forms of financing. If employees, as well as pensioners, always have the possibility to receive the desired loan, the same can not be said for self-employed workers without paychecks, such as craftsmen, entrepreneurs or professionals.

The requirements for personal loans are not always the same, but depend on the bank to which we address. Usually, however, regarding the age of the client this must be between 18 and 75 years, even if often the maximum age is higher. The applicant must also hold a current account, on which the desired 10,000 euros will be paid. It is not necessary that the account has been opened at the bank to which we turn to receive the loan. In the event that by making a calculation of the installment online we realize that a company other than ours offers loans at cheaper conditions, we can address without problems to the latter. As we will see better in the next paragraphs, this is the great advantage of the online quote request.

Among the requisites required to receive a loan very often is included the paycheck or pension, which represent insured income every month from which the company can withhold the monthly payment that will be fixed. In the case of personal loans, even those without a paycheck will have access to the credit. The income document that we will have to present in this case will be the last tax return, in which all our annual earnings are specified. From this document the bank will be able to carry out the appropriate assessments to define the maximum sum that we can request. In the case of loans of € 10,000, as previously mentioned, even those without a paycheck will not have particular problems. Among the possible solutions to compensate for the lack of a paycheck, some companies also accept the presentation of a guarantor or the mortgage of a property owned. To know the monthly payment and the interest rates applied in these last two cases it will not be sufficient to carry out the online simulation as the estimates could be quite different from the characteristics of the loan that will be proposed to us. For this reason our advice is to request a quote directly at the branch.

Free online estimate for a € 10,000 Astrofinance loan

The first company for which we have calculated the online estimate is Astrofinance. The latter offers the possibility of simulating the loan to which you are also interested in those who are not registered on the website. To find out the monthly repayment installment and the interest rates that will remain fixed for the entire duration of the loan, all we have to do is enter the amount of money we are interested in, which in our case will be 10,000 euros. Before starting the simulator we are asked to specify the project we intend to carry out with the money we will borrow.

This would seem to be a contradiction to what has been said previously, namely that personal loans are non-finalized loans. In fact, in the list of projects that can be implemented, we find almost anything we can imagine doing with this money. In the relevant drop – down menu we find the purchase of new and used vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, campers and boats, or in the real estate sector we find the purchase of a new house, a box or a plot; as regards the house, it is possible to finance the renovation works or the purchase of household appliances, furniture, furnishings or electronics such as computers and mobile phones; finally we can receive the Astrofinance loan of 10 thousand euros to cover expenses for ceremonies and family events, to go on holiday or to face medical or legal expenses. The table below shows all the solutions offered in the case of a request for an estimate for a loan of 10000 euros for the purchase of a used car.

18 months € 583.50 6.26 6.44
24 months 444.40 euros 6.26 6.44
30 months 361.00 euros 6.26 6.45
36 months € 305.40 6.26 6.44
42 months € 265.70 6.24 6.43
48 months € 236.00 6.25 6.43
54 months € 213.00 6.26 6.44
60 months € 194.50 6.25 6.43
66 months € 179.50 6.26 6.44
72 months 167.00 euros 6.26 6.45
78 months 156.40 euros 6.26 6.44
84 months € 147.30 6.25 6.43
96 months 132.70 euros 6.26 6.44

This table gives you an immediate view of the characteristics of Astrofinance personal loans, and how they vary with the duration chosen for your loan. The first observation that jumps to the eye is that interest rates are practically the same and provide in any case a Tan around 6.25% and a Taeg around 6.44%. The fact that they are constant does not mean that the interests we are going to pay will be the same regardless of the duration chosen. From this point of view it is indeed very convenient to choose a reduced duration, even at the cost of facing a higher repayment installment every month. A plausible hypothesis can be, for example, the choice of a repayment in 42 months. In this case the monthly payment will amount to € 265.70, a figure that can be within the reach of a customer who receives about € 1,300 per month.

Calculation of the installment for personal loans Ultranix 10 thousand euro

Calculation of the installment for personal loans Agos 10 thousand euro

As we said before, a big advantage of online quotes is that you can compare loans offered by different companies within a few minutes, so that you can immediately identify the most convenient one. The second company for which we have calculated the installment for loans of 10,000 euros is Ultranix. This loan is among the most active in the funding market, and on its official website as well as presenting in detail all the credit solutions offered, allows us to simulate our loan by just entering the amount we wanted. The following table shows the loan options offered by Ultranix for requests of € 10,000.

12 months 876.00 euros 5.60 9.73
24 months 450.00 euros 5.55 7.77
36 months € 309.00 5.72 7.29
48 months € 238.00 5.67 6.90
60 months 195.00 euros 5.54 6.55
72 months 165.00 euros 5.58 6.46
84 months 147.00 euros 5.59 6.37
96 months 132.00 euros 5.59 6.30
108 months € 121.00 5.71 6.37
120 months 111.00 euros 5.56 6.17

First of all, it can be noted that unlike Astrofinance, in this case the maximum duration allowed is up to 120 months, even for an amount that is not excessively high, just as our request of 10,000 euros is required. As we said earlier and as we often repeat in our reviews, it is always better to choose a low duration for our loan, which will save us in terms of interests that we will have to pay to the company. This advice is valid even more so when we talk about a loan of € 10,000, for which a refund of 120 months (10 years!) Is strongly discouraged. Looking at the table above you immediately notice the “to avoid” options.

The optimal use of the table for Ultranix loans of € 10,000 is to evaluate what is the maximum rate that we believe can do for us. This installment must be of an amount that does not constitute a big problem for us. Choosing an excessively high rate you run the risk of being in the situation of not being able to pay it if, for example, we have to face an expense that we had not budgeted. For this reason our advice is to divide the net income received by five (this is what happens in the case of the assignment of the fifth). For example, if a customer receives 1,500 euros per month, the repayment installment on which he must orientate will be approximately 300 euros (1,500 / 5). Observing the table, we note that the advisable solution in this case is that which provides a repayment in 36 months, which provides for an installment of 309 euros, with a Tan of 5.72% and a Taeg of 7.29%.

Simulation tables of the 10,000 euro Cleopar loan online

Another excellent company to which we can apply for a personal loan of 10 thousand euros is Cleopar. Also in this case we have the possibility to calculate the repayment installment and the relative interest rates for the different financing options offered by the company. Once inserted in the appropriate space the amount to which we are interested, we will be presented a particular solution among those offered by Cleopar. By varying the duration by clicking on the “+” and “-” keys on the sides of the expected duration we can see how the characteristics of the loans vary as the number of months in which we decide to complete the repayment changes. To offer you an immediate view of these differences we have calculated the installment for all the options provided, and we have reported the characteristics in the table below.

24 months € 467.90 9.90 12.45
30 months € 383.31 9.90 12,12
36 months € 327.04 9.90 11,88
42 months € 286.93 9.90 11.72
48 months 256.94 euros 9.90 11,58
54 months € 233.69 9.90 11,49
60 months € 215.16 9.90 11,41
66 months € 200.06 9.90 11.35
72 months 187.53 euros 9.90 11,29
78 months 176.97 euros 9.90 11,24
84 months 167.98 euros 9.90 11,20

First of all, what is known is that the nominal annual rate is set independently of the chosen duration, and will in fact always be equal to 9.90%. Some differences can be noticed by looking at the column for the Annual Effective Annual Rate. What is noted is that as the number of monthly installments foreseen for repayment increases, the fixed Taeg will be lower, the longer the duration will be. This may suggest that it is therefore convenient to choose a repayment in a higher number of installments. Nothing could be more wrong! Only the annual interest rate is lower. This means that every year we will pay less interest, but considering the total duration of the financing, the interest expenditure will be considerably higher. For this reason it is always better to choose a shorter duration for our 10,000 euro loan, partly because, given that this is not too high a figure, even the monthly payment will be within reach.

Also in this last case we present a specific example, considering an employee with a net salary of 1,200 euros. Also in this case we carry out the same operation, considering a monthly installment equal to 20% of the salary, ie equal to 240 euros. Looking at the table, we can identify two different plausible solutions for the customer considered: repayment in 48 months, with a monthly payment of 256.94 euros and Tan interest rates of 9.90% and a Taeg of 11.58%, or a repayment in 54 months, which provides for a monthly payment of 233.69 euros and Tan interest rates of 9.90% and Taeg of 11.49%. The optimal duration depends on the preferences of the customer, as perhaps in some situations it is preferable to choose an even lighter installment even at the cost of paying a little more for the interests. In any case, our advice is to use the loan simulators available online to compare as many products as possible. The request for quotes with different companies is in fact the best way to find the cheaper 10,000 euro loan.

Loans 10000 euros Postal service Italy: features and how to request a free estimate

Another very good company to which you can apply for a loan of € 10,000 is that of the Italian Post Office. There are several forms of financing that are presented to us on the website of this bank, which are called Fostal Bank loans. First of all it is good to specify how the request can be made even without being a Fostal Bank current account holder. As regards the disbursement of the loan, this will be done by crediting the Current Account made out to the applicant or PostePay Evolution in the event that the customer is in possession of it.

Up to 10000 euros, as highlighted on the Italian Post Office website, the customer has the option to choose cash disbursement. Choosing this method of delivery just go to the post office that we prefer to receive the desired amount of money. At the time of the request it is also possible to choose the duration of the loan, ie the number of months in which it is intended to complete the repayment of the amount that we will borrow and of all the interests provided for in the contract. The duration in the case of Fostal Bank loans of € 10,000 goes from a minimum of 24 months to a maximum of 84 months. The payment of the installments can be made by debiting the Fostal Bank Current Account, the Bank Account or the PostePay Evolution Card. Finally, if you prefer to pay the monthly installments on your own, you can choose to pay by postal payment.

Unlike other credit institutions, on the website of the Italian Post Office the simulator for the calculation of the online payment is not available. In any case it is possible to calculate the estimate for loans of 10000 euros in order to identify the best solution and decide whether or not to proceed with the request for financing. To do this, simply go to any of the post offices that you can find in Italy. A very useful service available on the website of Postal service Italy is that which allows us to book an appointment by choosing the office we prefer, the date and time. In this way we will avoid the line and we will have a meeting with a completely dedicated consultant who will present a detailed estimate of the best 10,000 euro Fostal Bank loan according to our needs.

Onecredit Loans from 10 thousand euros: how to request them and useful services

Of course the main banks offering loans of € 10,000 are Onecredit. The best product if you need this amount of money is what is called CreditExpress Dynamic. There are several reasons why more and more customers decide to rely on this product to receive the money they need. With Onecredit’s CreditExpress Dynamic, three very useful services are available.

The first service is the one that allows us to change the installment, increasing it in order to reduce the total duration of the loan. This option can be chosen once a year, but only after payment of the first 9 repayment installments, and costs 10 euros. The option ” Jump Rata ” is instead perfect in case you need to cope with an unexpected expense. Every year you can skip a monthly payment, at least 6 months after the last time it was used. Finally, the loan top-up service is also very useful. This option is aimed at those who are looking for new liquidity, although they are in the situation of having to complete the repayment of an old Onecredit loan. The amount of additional money that may be required must necessarily be less than the amount previously reimbursed, and the request can only be made after paying at least 24 installments of the previous loan.

If you are interested in receiving a Onecredit personal loan of 10,000 euros, requesting it is very simple, especially for those who are Onecredit’s current account holders. In this case it is in fact possible to proceed with the request for funding directly online. If you are not a customer of Onecredit it will be necessary to go to the branch to proceed with the request for financing. On the Onecredit website you can search for the nearest branch to our home by looking on the map. In this way it will be possible to make an appointment to request a detailed cost estimate, choosing a duration ranging from a minimum of 36 months up to a maximum of 84 months. If we are satisfied by the conditions of the loan proposed by the consultant, we can therefore proceed with the request of the 10,000 euro CreditExpress Dynamic Onecredit.

Simulation Personal Loans Yobank 10000 euro: repayment installments and interest

To complete our analysis of personal loans of € 10,000, the last bank for which we want to provide you with some useful information about it is Yobank. Also in this case the proposals presented to us on the company’s website are quite interesting. A very useful service is what allows us to identify the ideal loan according to our needs. The Yobank simulator makes it possible to obtain fairly detailed estimates of the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates.

To get to know the characteristics of the 100,000 euro Yobank loan, we will have to choose first of all the project we intend to make with this money. Among the projects that can be implemented are, for example, household expenses, vehicle purchases, school expenses, leisure time or even the extinction of another loan previously received from another bank. It will also be necessary to specify the work activity performed. Regarding this aspect, it is worth pointing out that Yobank loans are also aimed at those who are without paychecks : the request can also be made by self-employed workers, seasonal workers and even non-workers. After indicating the date of birth the amount and the duration of the loan we will present the conditions of the best loan. The table below shows the terms of the 100,000 euro Yobank loan for the purchase of a car.

24 months 456.62 euros 8.95 11,08
36 months € 317.76 8.95 10,56
48 months € 248.61 8.95 10,29
60 months 207.34 euros 8.95 10,13
72 months € 180.01 8.95 10,01
84 months 160.64 euros 8.95 9.93
96 months 146.24 euros 8.95 9.87
108 months € 135.16 8.95 9,82
120 months € 126.41 8.95 9.78

The table above can be useful above all to get an idea of ​​the ideal duration. Based on the repayment installment it will be easy to identify the best option among those proposed. As always it is good to consider that although the repayment installment decreases as the number of installments increases, at the same time the amount to be paid for the interest increases. For this reason, the cheapest 10,000 euro Yobank loan is the one with the lowest duration, ie equal to 24 months. In this case the repayment installment will be € 456.62, with interest rates of Tan 8.95% and Taeg of 11.08%.



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