Loan 120,000 for 10 years Cash, Consolidation and Mortgage

Loan 120,000 for 10 years: cash, mortgage or consolidation. Choose a loan and check the loan proposals at banks. On us, you will find loan proposals in banks for any purpose, purchase of real estate and for consolidation of debt.

Every bank loan is granted for a specific purpose. We can distinguish mortgage loans, cash loans or consolidation loans. Money obtained from a mortgage for the purchase of a flat will not go to our hands, only for example to the developer or the seller of the property. The amount of the consolidation loan will be transferred to banks to pay off our current loans and credits (and if it is a consolidation loan with additional cash, then this additional money will flow into our account).

Whereas cash loans (as well as renewable loans in ROR or credit cards), are generally used interchangeably with cash loans – the customer does not have to declare what he will spend the money on.

Loan 120,000 for 10 years. CASH

Loan 120,000 for 10 years. CASH


The above comparison engine makes it easier to estimate loan installments and familiarize with the proposals of banks. It is also a quick contact with the selected bank – all you have to do is fill out the contact form and the bank representative will call us.

When comparing loans in terms of prices, attention should be paid to the APRC – the Annual Actual Interest Rate and the total cost of the loan. APY is the total cost of the loan in percentage terms. The smaller it is, the cheaper the loan is. It may amount to 0% – then we do not incur any costs related to the loan, but may assume value and 2000% (!) In the case of non-bank short-term loans.

Usually, in the case of cash loans and cash loans APY is in the range of 20% – 30%.

Loan 120,000 for 10 years. CONSOLIDATION

A cash consolidation loan is used to consolidate bank debt. It allows you to “combine” your liabilities into one loan. The most common are the loans and cash loans, debt in the ROR account, credit cards and… consolidation loans.

The biggest advantage of loan consolidation is the reduction of debt held to one loan and the reduction of loan installments in relation to the sum of installments that we paid before consolidation. Of course, lowering the loan installment does not result from the fact that it is a cheap loan, only due to the extension of the repayment period.

Some banks also offer additional cash as part of consolidation. This is due to the fact that consolidation improves our creditworthiness.

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