Loan for 108 months (9 years) in PolyBank


A high loan amount of up to 120,000 and a long repayment period up to 9 years are a Polybank cash loan proposal.

If you are looking for a large cash loan and you are planning an extended repayment period, then you may be interested in the new Polybank loan offer. The loan may be large because the maximum amount available under the offer for a loan of 9 years is up to PLN 120,000. The repayment period can be spread over 108 months .. which gives us exactly 9 years of repayment.

Polybank is one of those banks where I myself had the opportunity to borrow my credit time and I admit that the cooperation between the borrower – the lender was in a completely positive way. Today I have the opportunity to write a few words about the bank’s new offer – Cheap credit with the account.

What can you write about the loan offer itself for 9 years?

What can you write about the loan offer itself for 9 years?

If the loan is connected to the account, it is already known that we have the option of requiring something extra from the bank in exchange for an account. In the case of this offer, we can count on a lower interest rate on the loan and a few other amenities. The biggest of them is the opportunity to take advantage of credit holidays, so make yourself an unpaid loan installment, for example, in the month in which you plan a vacation. We will be entitled to such loan holidays once every 12 months. Provided that the first 6 loan installments are repaid in a timely manner. In addition, we can determine the payment date of the installment, the SMS setting that will remind us of the date of repayment of the installment or the combination of our income with the income of other family members. Thanks to that we will have a chance to get a larger amount of credit.

Using the loan offer for 9 years in Polybank we can (although we do not have to) use additional credit insurance. What will definitely be a good solution if we think about a larger amount and a long repayment period. In this respect, we have a choice between basic insurance (protecting against death and disability), additional insurance (protecting from job loss or long-term illness) and a full insurance package which is a combination of both previously mentioned insurance.

We can obtain an initial decision on obtaining a loan from Polybank completely online. If we are a person employed under a contract of employment, it is enough to present an electronic statement from our personal account or a PIT settlement for the previous year. The initial cost of the loan can be calculated on the Polybank website using a calculator specially prepared for this purpose. Just enter the amount of credit you want to get, enter the number of installments, indicate whether we are interested in credit insurance and we will be presented with an estimate calculation of the loan installment.

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