Loan Without a Husband

Getting a loan without a husband is not as difficult as some people may think. It depends on the creditworthiness, as with any credit, whether a loan can be forgiven or not. Even married couples do not always want the husband to pay a loan, so they will be offered credit for these people as well. Even singles who do not have a husband have a good chance of applying for a loan.

Which conditions must be met?

Which conditions must be met?

In order to apply for a loan without a husband, a good credit rating must exist. This includes primarily an income that is high enough so that it can be seized in an emergency by the bank. Furthermore, the applicant must agree to a Private credit. On the basis of Private credit, the bank checks the creditworthiness. Here all contracts are registered, which also turn out negative.

Loan agreements, mobile phone contracts and also payment obligations that the applicant has not paid are noted here. So the bank can picture very well whether the borrower can repay the loan or not. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and may not work during the probationary period. The employment period can end at any time during the probationary period so that a loan without a husband will be granted after the probationary period.

Collateral is not enough – what to do?

Collateral is not enough - what to do?

If the collateral is not enough to apply for a loan, the applicant must find other collateral. If the income is too low, a guarantor can use his salary to hedge the loan. So there would be two borrowers who are responsible for the loan.

If the borrower does not repay the installment of the loan, the bank will go to the guarantor who has to pay. Anyone who does not find a guarantor can also use his life insurance as collateral. However, it must be said that the insurance must have a high repurchase value for the bank to accept as collateral.


Anyone looking for a loan without a husband will quickly find a bank that forgives one. Securities are always important, without which the bank will not be prepared to lend. Anyone who undertakes a credit comparison before the contract can save a lot of money. Interest is always added to a loan, but these can be different levels, so a comparison is always worthwhile. Especially with higher loan amounts, this is quickly noticeable, so that many hundreds of euros can be saved.

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