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Local man has a passion for writing and caring for others | News, Sports, Jobs


CONTRIBUTED PHOTO – Daniel Selby, left, pictured with his friend Marie Osmond, right, started writing books about musical artists discography after writing his first Osmond family discography book. Daniel Selby has explored many different careers in his life, starting with acting, then exploring modeling, singing, writing and home care. He now resides in Marshalltown and works at the Iowa Veterans Home.

Daniel Selby sampled several careers throughout his life, including acting, modeling and singing, but over the years he found his true passion: writing and home care.

Selby currently lives in Marshalltown, but that’s not where her story begins. He was born and raised in California, but since moving here in 1988, he’s come to call the Hawkeye State home and consider himself an Iowan. He started his career early, making his first commercial in 1971 for Fig Newtons aged just six after his mother, Carole Evans, noticed how much he loved acting.

Over the years, Selby did numerous commercials in California before finally trying his hand at modeling for companies like Sears and JCPenney, but he found it just didn’t suit him.

“I wasn’t really interested in doing that. It wasn’t as exciting. Standing on a set and having your picture taken is just not as exciting as learning dialogue,” Selby said.

Although he ruled out modeling, Selby found he could act anywhere, so he continued to perform in Iowa, doing commercials, training videos and several independent films he has. said he “really enjoyed it”. Selby appears in “IOWA” (2012), “Revenge: A Love Story” (2014) and “Kultus” (2015), among others.


Selby said he never wanted to act for fame or recognition, but rather for fun, like his mother, a country and western singer.

“I never wanted to be a big name or anything. I just enjoyed acting. It was fun being somebody else for a while,” Selby said.

Selby also has an extensive bibliography including a self-published biography and, more recently, four books detailing the complete discography of various musical artists – ‘The Complete Dolly Parton Illustrated Discography’, ‘The Complete Osmond Family Illustrated Discography’, ‘The Complete Barry Manilow Illustrated Discography” and “The Complete Helen Reddy Illustrated Discography” – published by BearManor Media.

He first wrote the Osmond family book because of his friendship with Marie Osmond and wanted to do something for all of them. After that, he moved on with the other three, and he currently has a deal with BearManor Media to write another 12 discography books. The most recent, which should be published in December, will be on Anne Murray.

Selby also released nine music albums, which are a mix of original songs and cover songs, between 1976 and 1985 and a Christmas album just a few years ago.

Although Selby has explored several career paths over the years, his favorite has been healthcare because giving back to his community is important to him. He has worked in the home health care field for about 30 years and is currently employed at the Iowa Veterans Home as a home health aide.

“The people there are just wonderful. The veterans that I’ve gotten to know, even the ones who are a bit grumpy, I get along with everyone,” Selby said. “I love this job.”

Selby does a bit of everything at IVH, helping residents and staff as much as he can, but once he completes some required courses, he hopes to expand his duties even further. Of everything he’s explored, Selby said writing and caring for people is what he loves the most.

Selby has had a wide range of life experiences, and her biggest conclusion to date is that most people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

“By doing all these different projects, you meet a lot of different people. You know, people are basically good. We hear a lot more about bad people and it tends to stick in our minds because it’s terrible, some of the things that are happening in this world these days,” Selby said. “I learned that people are generally good.”

As Selby takes a step back from acting, he plans to continue working at IVH and writing as much as he can.


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